Monday, March 26, 2007

Weight Watchers

I've been going to Weight Watchers meetings for 6 weeks. I'd never gone before and was feeling hopeless when I went to the first meeting. I'm not feeling hopeless anymore. I really like the "points" system, feels very livable. I also like the weekly meetings for advice and support, not to mention the weigh ins. To know I'm going to be weighed in just adds a layer of accountability that works for me. They don't do it publicly, thank goodness.

So, my weigh in day is Thursday. I've not missed a meeting since I started. They are only a 1/2 hour and the little pep talk we get from the meeting leader is not as painful as I was fearing - I find them encouraging. So, they work your points out based partly on your weight. Your "base" points are the first two digits of your weight, my current base points are 22 (for 226 pounds). When I hit 219.9 (which sounds really good btw) I'll go down to 21 base points. The lowest base points are 15 I think. Then, you get points added to that based on your age, how much you move (labor work vs. desk work type of thing), your gender and height, etc. So, the amount you eat drops as your body weight drops...makes sense. They also have an online food diary that you can use and it keeps track for you. I dig it.

You also get a set amount of "extra" points you can use however you want through the week. You can use them slowly throughout the week or all in day (or meal if you really tried). I tend to use them on the weekend at social events...happy hour with appetizers really takes the points away.

The first week or so I was hungry a fair amount. Now it actually feels like plenty of food. The neat thing is, if I'm feeling really hungry, I eat lower point items in larger amounts. If I'm not feeling that hungry I'll have some type of "treat" in a smaller amount for the same amount of points. Anyway, I guess the point is, no pun intended, it's working for me.

Okay, enough about Weight Watchers. Funny thing, I haven't really told many people in my life that I'm doing it. While I have said I'm "eating right" again, I usually don't mention WW specifically. I guess I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't been able to do it on my own.

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