Sunday, May 6, 2007

No Loss - No Gain. @ The Blue Jeans Ball

Yes, still doing the WW. Hey, Irene! Thanks for the support!
I had my first week of not losing anything. My weight stayed exactly the same...220.2

I know why too, my food tracking was not so great that week. Although my eating was nowhere near out of control, I can't be sure it was OP because of the non-tracking.

SO tired today. Went to a fundraiser last night and danced until 1am! My legs, and body for that matter, are not accustomed to working so hard. I'm sure the 5 or so vodka tonics aren't helping either. At least there wasn't a bunch of eating going along with that. Have a little hangover today but it's not too bad...just a little headache and tiredness.

Anyway, off to track my grits and egg white breakfast. Man, that's my fav weekend comfort foody and healthy...that's a good combo.

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