Sunday, June 10, 2007


Wow. Good week! Lost 3.2 pounds this week. That's a record. I've been waiting for the desire to start exercising to occur naturally but have set a weight at which if it hasn't occurred by then, I will force the issue. Well, I'm inching closer to that weight so I'm beginning to think a lot more about what I'll do. I downloaded the "couch to 5k" podcasts from itunes a few weeks ago and just synced them to my ipod. I have to admit, I'm a little self conscious about actually running in public. Even though it's only for 60 seconds at a time I fear I'll look like a cow trying to run on its hinds legs! I know I shouldn't care know.... It's times like these I wish it got darker earlier and I could run under cover of night

Then there's always our little gym I made a while back. Has a bowflex and a crosstrainer in it. Before, I was doing cardio and weights on alternating days in there. Lately though, I've been really in love with being outside. The weather just makes me want to sit in a park and read a book, eat cold grapes and listen to the children play. Anyway, that's not exercise So, I'm thinking of doing the couch-to-5k thing. I also figure if I need to I can extend it to 18 weeks (it's a 9 week plan) and do each week twice. I'm really out of shape people. I just had the thought to go run in a park or somewhere with a trail instead of on the street where cars driving by will increase my sense of self-consciousness.

Yesterday was jam-packed. Art festival, picnic, concert in the evening. Today, I'll be playing Ghost Recon on the Xbox and maybe watching Grey Gardens, my current Netflix offering. But damn it's nice outside, so maybe I'll get out there instead [or too - lots of hours left in this day].

Gotta close with a WOO-HOO...3.2 pounds gone!!

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