Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blogging away calories!?


I tried something (sorta) new last week. Soy milk. I have tried soy milk before and never thought it was very good. I was in Trader Joe's and saw West Soy Plain Non Fat Soy Milk.

I decided to give it a try. Honestly, three things made me think it was going to be yucky. 1: My past experiences with Soy Milk, 2: the fact that it is Plain, and 3: the fact that it is Non Fat. The morning I decided to use it I poured it into my 1/2 cup measuring cup and added a fourth reason, the color. It doesn't look like non-fat milk. It was a sorta watery gray color, not appealing at all. I poured it on my cereal (my favorite right now? Special K Protein Plus - all that protein keeps me satisfied until lunch!). I braced myself and took a bite. hmm, ohh. Not that bad. Wait, not bad at all. I wouldn't say amazingly delicious or that I'd never use milk again, but it was so much better than I expected. My impression is that the health benefits are not all that different from milk but generally I think it's good to mix up my food choices. So, I finished off this container and will buy more in the future.

On to other things...I do my food and exercise tracking kinda weird. My food week is from Thur-Wed. My exercise week is Sun-Sat. How it got to be that way is my first weigh-in was on a Thur and I now weigh-in every Thursday. So, Thursday is the first day of the week as far as food tracking is concerned. But I've always counted Sunday as the first day of the week for exercising, and I like it that way. So, today is Saturday, the last day of my exercise week. I have a goal to exercise 5x per week, sort of.

In the past one of the reasons I have not been able to maintain weight loss is that I became too rigid with myself. So, one of my goals in this journey is to be flexible. Therefore, my goal is to exercise 5x per week, but 4 is okay too. Make sense? I hope so. With a flexible goal one might wonder, How will she know if she's met her goal? Well, it has to do with the reason I didn't go five times. If it's valid, then I made my goal, if it's not, then I didn't.

I've gone four times this week already with plans to go today to make five. My days off this week were Tuesday (recovering from New Year's Eve festivities) and yesterday. I'll write an entry later this week with what my workouts are looking like these days.

Whew! This blogging thing takes work! Who knew?

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