Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! @ Caliente

My legs are spent and my ears are ringing but Miguel and I had a blast at a Latin dance club in San Francisco last night. We boogied in the New Year until we dropped around 2am. I had a total of five drinks in the five-hour span of our evening out. I'm not feeling too shabby today, but not too sharp either. It's been a long time since we went out dancing and it was so much fun!! I love Reggaet├│n music and I even danced "Punta", a style of dance from my husband's home country of Honduras. Man, talk about a workout! I think we danced for at least 2 hours in total as we barely sat down the entire evening.

Another event that wouldn't have happened if I were still living the couch-blob lifestyle.

Did I mention I had him take me to a fancy dinner at KFC's? For some reason I'd been craving it for a few days so I figured it was time to go. I have the points (weight watchers) for it so off we went.

Today I'll be relaxing around the house. I thought about going for a walk but have a mild headache and have decided to take it easy and recover, rehydrate, replenish, re-etc.

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