Friday, January 18, 2008

It Happened

I gained a pound this week. Ouch. I can speculate that because it was the day before TTOTM I was retaining water, but the first thing I thought of was that I cut back on cardio. Really, though, I don't think this was enough to gain weight. My eating was actually better than it was in previous weeks, I ended the week eating roughly 500 calories less than past weeks (using the assumption that one "point" = 50 calories). Sitting here battling with menstrual cramps and feeling sluggish and irritable I'm not in the mood to dissect the gain. I'm hoping next week will be better.

I went to dinner last night, we had a planned get-together at a Mexican restaurant. Got there and they were closed (as in out-of-business closed). We ended up at an Italian place instead. Bummer. It's much harder to order healthy at an Italian restaurant than Mexican. I ended up ordering something decidedly unhealthy in any event, Penne Pasta with Pesto and Sausage with a Caesar Salad to start. I only ate about 1/2 of the entree and didn't bring home the leftovers and the Caesar was just the lettuce, dressing (not heavy) and a bit of Parmesan. All-in-all I don't think it was too fatty, though I'm not fooling myself, it was nowhere near light. I'm feeling I'll need chocolate soon too Ahh, hormones.

I'm out to dinner tonight too but going to a seafood restaurant that won't be closed. Grilled fish here I come...yum.

Thanks for the words of encouragement with the lunges. I can't imagine doing them with 20 pound weights! I worked on my form Wednesday evening at the gym. I noticed when I step forward with my left leg that I have a harder time and "cheat" by leaning forward. I stopped doing that and felt the muscle working much harder when I kept straight. I looked at the classes board at my gym. I think I might experiment with some of them.

In all it's nice to remember that they pay off in the long run, I didn't know the lunges were so well-regarded. Having that info will make me feel better about the effort. Thanks!

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