Monday, January 21, 2008

I've got a new goal.

So after my experience of jogging for 5 minutes the other day I decided it was time to take another shot at the Couch-to-5k running program. I tried to do it a while back (a month maybe?) and it was too hard, I couldn't do a "brisk walk" for five minutes or jog for 60 seconds. Today, I knew I could. So, I started with 10 minutes on the elliptical. Then I did Week 1 of C25K (which is 20 minutes). I wrapped up my cardio session with 15 minutes on the upright bike.

Re: C25k, I walked at 3.7mph and jogged at 4.5mph. The last 60 second jog I did at 5mph. I think I'll try all the jogs at 5mph next time I do it. I felt some hints of shin splints but I found if I made my stride a little longer it seemed to help.

On the bike I rode at Level 3 for 7 minutes, took a one minute break at Level 2, and then Level 3 for the remaining 7 minutes. Level 3 is finally getting easier! My heart-rate barely broke into the 160's on the bike, I was not sweating like a maniac and my legs didn't burn so much. It's taken what feels like a long time for the bike to not be a killer and I'm so happy it is feeling manageable. Soon I'm going to kick it up to Level 4 for a few seconds just to see what I'm in for, how much harder it is than Level 3, etc. I can't describe how happy and amazed I am at my fitness accomplishments so far. I never want to lose what I've gained.

Eating has been okay, not great. I'm in the midst of TTOTM and have been wanting to eat everything in sight! I made myself drink some tea with Splenda last night and that helped. I had to use some Activity Points for food this week, which I don't usually do. In WW you can earn extra "points" (food) by exercising. I usually don't eat those earned points, but this week I ate a few. Thankfully today I'm not feeling so foody and I'm hoping it means the hormonal drive to eat has passed. Let's hope so!

So with the C25k plan you are supposed to go on alternating days with a total of 3 days per week. Today was Day 1. I think I'm going to take tomorrow off from the gym. Wednesday will be Day 2. Thursday off and then Friday will be Day 3. That will mean I've done four days at the gym (I went yesterday too), which is my goal when I'm doing 45 minutes of cardio. I'm going dancing Saturday night so that will burn some calories too! Will I be too much of a dork if I secretly wear my heart monitor?

Okay, now that I'm doing the C25k program I need something to shoot for. I just did some research and see that the San Francisco Marathon in August has a 5k. Yay! I'm going to do it. That's enough time for me to do the C25k program at twice the regular length, doing each week for 2 weeks instead of one. I figure since I'm so overweight still I should take my time Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. I just looked at the course and the fees and all that. I told Miguel and he's in! Wow, I'm going to run a 5k. I get a t-shirt and everything.

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