Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Peace & Quiet

Just did something I haven't done in a while. Lost a long post But my cat just came and sat on my shoulder and that makes up for it He's not much of a socializer so it's extra special.

What did I say again? I am relaxing with a few unexpected free hours this morning. It's nice.

Last week I went to the gym 4 times doing 45 min cardio, weight training, core work and stretching. This week I'm going 5 times but cutting the cardio down to 30 minutes. It's different, I kinda feel like I'm cheating; 30 minutes goes by so fast! I do 15 on the elliptical and 15 on the bike. I notice I push myself harder, I think I'm trying to squeeze more out of less time. I used to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes and now I burn 300 in 30 minutes. That's according to my heart rate monitor.

I hate lunges. I feel awkward and wobbly when I do them. I guess I need to work on my form. If there were another exercise I could do instead I'd be happy. Any suggestions? Thoughts?

My eating habits are really changing. On Weight Watchers you get your daily points (mine are 25) and "extra" points to use throughout the week however you want, everyone gets 35 of those. Normally I use them on social events but this week I didn't have any. I've used some throughout the week but today's the last day of my WW week and I still have 16 extras left. I don't know if I'll use them or not. Even though I can have chocolate or ice cream if I want with those points, I'm not really feeling like I want it. I know there will be a day when I do feel like I want it and I don't want to eat those things just because I can. That's different for me. I can't believe I'm saying this.

Speaking of that, in my meeting last week a woman asked, "what do you do for a filling snack?". The leader asked a few of us "regulars" to offer our answers. I felt like such a dork saying, "I eat a really big Fuji Apple, 2 Clementines and one serving of FF Pringles. That with 16 oz of water and I'm full". An apple? Did I just say that? I kinda felt bad saying that to a brand new person but it's the truth. I've been on WW for 11 months and my habits, my appetite, both are really different. I'm starting to really internalize these changes.

Oh, my cat just departed. Now he's licking a plastic bag. Why do cats do that?

mprfct - If I find that Amazonian plant I mentioned I'll be sure and let you know

Megan - as soon as you have a short-list of potential places to move let me know, I'm curious where you'll end up. What an adventure!

Ok, now I'm going to print up some pictures of myself to hang on the fridge. For once I'm taking my husband's advice.

p.s. don't forget to give me some lunge advice if you've got it!

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