Friday, January 25, 2008

Some (not so tall and really petite) people weigh 100 pounds.

Lost 3 pounds this week. That certainly makes the hurt of gaining one pound last week go away I'm in the 180's. Wow, this eating healthy and exercising really works doesn't it. Slowly but surely. Today's a day off from the gym and I went to happy hour with co-workers. We went to Chili's and I had the guiltless Salmon and beans, still not all that guiltless at 10 points for the meal (I get 24 for a day) but I was happy to have something not too bad. Of course I tasted all the appetizers they ordered and had three drinks. Vodka soda though, so only the alcohol calories.

I was scared to come home because after a few drinks I sometimes want to eat everything. So I walked around the mall until it closed. By the time I got home I only succumbed to some FF Pringles and drank a big glass of H20. Not bad.

Anyway, enough about what I ate. I lost three pounds. My current goal of 179 is coming into my sights. I posted some new progress pics and posted the old ones from when I started BFL at 221 pounds. I didn't take pics when I started Weight Watchers at 233.8 pounds. Of course I regret that now. Oh, I get a new charm from Weight Watchers when I've lost 50 pounds. That's just around the corner too. Wow. Oh, Megan pointed out that she and I are this close to having lost a combined 100 pounds. That's almost a whole person. Isn't that amazing?!?!

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