Monday, January 7, 2008

Wrapping up a good weekend

Today was pretty good. I slept in until nearly 10 am. I felt really tired. I get a bit nervous when I start feeling really tired for several days in a row. I think it was that sort of thing that led me to quit the last time I tried to get in shape. Anyway, I slept until 10 and then made myself get up. I putzed around the house for a couple hours and then got ready to go to the gym. Miguel joined me. Today was really fun because he and I stretched together. He showed me some of his soccer stretches, which you do with another person. I hope we can do more of that.

I had some Flax Raisin Bran cereal with FF milk and a banana for breakfast. After the gym I had a Fuji apple, two Clementine oranges, and a serving of FF Pringles. That was a sorta lunch but not really because I ate it on the way to Mom's house for dinner. I didn't want to go starving or I'd eat everything in sight!

Mom made a healthy dinner. For appetizer snacks she had baked pita chips and hummus. Someone brought a fruit platter too. For dinner she baked petrale sole with onion, tomatoes, was really tasty. She made brown basmati rice with mushrooms and pine nuts. There was salad and broccoli. I had a small glass of wine and then drank water the rest of the time. The whole meal was delicious! Some of the guests brought desert though.... I had a cupcake and a big piece of chocolate cake that tasted like a brownie. Yummm. All in all I think it was pretty good. If I had to do it over I would have skipped the cupcake and had a smaller piece of cake. Still, I don't shoot for perfection so I'm okay with the way things went. Live and learn.

I got lots of "Looking Good!" compliments. My mother even said, "I don't care, I'm going to be honest, I'm friggin' jealous!" She and I both struggle with weight issues and for the past few years she's been smaller than me. She told me it's harder for her to see me in better shape than she is. I weigh 20 pounds more than her still but she swears I look better. Mother/Daughter relationships are a trip.

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