Saturday, February 16, 2008

No More Phlegminess @ Fort Mason

I woke up today not feeling that phlegmy feeling in my chest. I hope this means my cough is gone. If so, hallelujah! If not, I know it's almost gone so that's exciting too.

I went to the gym again yesterday. Did a modified workout, only 30 minutes of light cardio followed by upper body weight training. I skipped a few exercises (rows and pushups) but again, it felt good to be working out. My legs are still sore from Wednesday but it's a good sore generally.

I'm going on a scenic walk today in SF. The weather here has been ideal the past few days and I think I'm going to get my convertible out for a spin today. Oh, I think I'll give it a wash this morning. It's an older model (1989) BMW 325i, white. I bought it several years ago on a whim and we've been slowly fixing it up. It's so fun in the summer. If I remember I'll post a picture of it later.

Alright, wishing you all good health during the cold season!

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