Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Important Lesson @ Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field

Today was the walk. I walked with a group from Crissy Field in San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin side, and back. I think it was about 3.5 to 4 miles. We walked at a leisurely pace and most of the walk is flat. Here's a link to a map of the walk. I love this site by the way!

During the walk I wore my heart monitor out of curiosity. If you had asked, I would have said I'd burn maybe 300 calories. After all, it was a leisurely walk. By the end of the walk I'd burned 500 calories! I learned an important lesson, something I would have agreed with but hadn't yet experienced. "Exercise" doesn't just mean being in the gym, or being outside and focused on some "exercise" related activity (like jogging or biking). It includes things like taking a walk. I burn 500 calories in 45 minutes at the gym. I know I didn't really increase my cardiovascular endurance today, but burning the same amount of calories as I do "doing cardio" at the gym blew me away. It's going to increase my resolve to get more "natural" exercise. Which will increase my likelihood of maintaining this whole healthy lifestyle thing.

I've noticed that when you start to lose a pretty good chunk of weight you get the same question over and over, "How'd you do it?" What are people expecting to hear? "Oh, I discovered this rare plant from the Amazon that aboriginals use to kill viscous lizards. You can buy the extract online. You'll lose weight no matter what you eat!". The thing is, we all know the answer. Eat right and exercise. I guess we don't like the answer and are hoping for something different, that secret magic cure-all. Poor us.

Change of subject.... It's true, sizes are getting bigger (I think). I tried on some old pants, I probably purchased them around 1999. They are a size 14 petite, Eddie Bauer. Can't get 'em on. Well, I can, but they are tight in the waist. Yesterday, I purchased 2 pair of size 14 Eddie Bauer petite pants and not only do they fit, they are roomy (but not too big) and comfortable. Hmm, are clothing manufacturers making sizes bigger so we'll more happily buy their clothes? Or to accommodate increasingly large American consumers? Or am I losing my marbles? (the latter being quite possible, after all).

I'm going to hit the gym tomorrow. I'm excited. I'm excited to start thinking of the gym as a training ground for the real thing, outdoor activity. Come spring I want to ride my bike down dirt roads, hike to mountain tops, kayak in the bay.... I want to get out there and live life, not be afraid of physical activity, sweat, have fun!!

Here's some pics from my walk. I love San Francisco and the whole Bay Area, it's gorgeous, amazing, inspiring!

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