Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 4 is well underway

I started Week 4 of Couch-to-5k yesterday. Today, I did it for the second time and the most exciting thing of all is that I was able to do it! Week 4 has 2 five minute jogs in it. My walk pace is 3.7 mph and my jog pace is 5.0 mph. It wasn't easy doing the five minute jogs but I got through them. I'm realizing that jogging is very mental, I can't even really describe it yet. I think I'm getting a very small sense of what long distance runners must go through psychologically.

I rode my bike to the gym today! My legs are still sorta sore and the wind was blowing against me so it was tough. It's a little over 2 miles and I'm glad I did it, it was fun!

Okay, gotta go to bed.

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