Friday, April 18, 2008

Better Together

I usually rebel a little after a gain. This time Miguel and I were out running errands on Thursday night after my meeting and he said, "Hey, let's go celebrate that 1 pound gain. Why don't we go to Chevy's for dinner?" That sounded good but Japanese sounded better. There's a new place by our house, Sushiholic, that I've been wanting to try so I suggested that instead. Plus, I figured I'd probably do less damage at Japanese than at Chevy's. We shared 2 large Sapporo beers, a Tempura appetizer, unagi and maguro, and I had Teriyaki Salmon with rice for my entrée. The food was not great but pretty good. It was a lot and I was plenty full. Still, I think I would have done much worse at Chevy's. Besides, Chevy's just didn't sound that appetizing to me this time around.

I still felt pretty tired all evening and after dinner even more so. I hit the sack early and felt a little better today. Around 2pm I drank an espresso, a very unusual occurrence for me but I felt I needed the boost. Then at 4pm-ish I ate an AccelGel. Got to the gym about 5pm and during my workout I noted in my workout journal zip! zippy! zoo! so I think I was feeling pretty energized between the caffeine and the carbs.

For c25k I was on Week 5 and since I didn't do my Wednesday workout I decided to repeat Day 1, which has three 5-minute jogs followed by 3-minute walks. Maybe it was all the fuel but it was a breeze. Weight training (lower body today) was fun too, I was rocking out with my ipod. I added some weight, 5 pound dumbells, to my lunges for the first time. A little wobbly but manageable.

Oh! Another food favorite. Some foods are like miracle foods to me. Cottage cheese and my morning cereal (of Special K protein plus with a 1/2 serving of Fiber One) are a couple of examples. And Fage Total 0% is another. For only 2 points you get 13 grams of protein. The more protein you get the longer before you get hungry again so it's good to have more protein, right?

For some it might be an acquired taste, it's strained yogurt so it's much thicker than regular yogurt, and it's not sweet really. I've been more than happy to eat it plain though. But, oh, pair it with an apple and something magical happens. I like to slice up my apple (with my handy apple slicer of course) and dip it in the Fage. The Fage becomes like Crème Fraîche, indulgent, rich and creamy. I think the sweetness of the apple and the creaminess of the Fage are a match made in heaven. For a 3 point snack (assuming your apple is 1 point, which all my apples are) you can't go wrong!

That reminds me, I have a couple of foods that are always a fixed point value no matter how big they are or how much they weigh. Apples are always 1 point, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are always 3 points. I didn't get fat eating these foods so I'm not going to stress over the points. If I get into a pattern of not losing I'll re-evaluate this but for now, I'm good.

Well, it's 10:45pm and we have a road ride ahead tomorrow. We still don't know where we're going, I guess we'll decide in the morning. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, it's so reassuring to know I'm not in this alone :)

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  1. I'm just curious, but why are you taking the gels in a non workout siutation? Not that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just curious. In endurance sports we use them durning a sport to prevent crashing. Just be careful to not use them with an electrolye drink. It'll wreak havoc on your digestive system! Drink water when using a gel, any brand. :)


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