Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Evolution of a Plan

So Kristy left me a comment that got me to remembering why things are the way they are.

I started out with the idea that I need to workout 5 days a week. I was doing 45 minutes of cardio followed by weight training, core work and then stretches. I was tired. Someone suggested I either go down to 4 days a week or cut the cardio to 30 minutes. I decided to lower it to 4 days a week. Fine. Then I decided that all this outdoor activity should count for something. So I decided that if I got "exercise" on the weekend in the form of a bike ride or hike then 3 days that week at the gym was fine.

So now I'm in the position of, at least for last week and this week, only getting to the gym twice during the week. Not fine. What am I not going to do? Punish myself and make myself go consecutive days this week to make up for it. What am I going to do? Make damn sure I get to the gym three times next week so I can feel on top of my plan again.

I tell you, today at work, I could feel the stress in my body. I could feel myself all tightened up and tense. I swear that's from no gym on Monday. I need that exercise to make my world work better.

Alright, I think I just needed to say all that to remind myself. Guess where I'm headed? Yep, the gym.


  1. Yeah, sometimes you can over do things... I so understand wanting to reach your goals but rest is equally important.

    Oh, and about the gels, everyone metabolizes food differently, so if you need to eat one gel 2 hours before working out, that's great... It's all about what ever works for your system.

  2. Okay, I guess I get that. Seems to me though that your weekend rides and hikes add up to more than just one hour, or even two, at the gym.


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