Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Lost a 7-Year Old Child!

Yay! I lost 3.2 pounds this week. That's a total loss of 61.2 pounds. In-cred-ible.

So I went out for Happy Hour with co-workers after the meeting. I shared my success of going over 60 pounds lost and a co-worker pointed out that this is like losing a small child. I looked up weight charts and 60 pounds is the average weight of a 7-year old child. Can you imagine? I've lost a 7-year old child. No wonder I was so tired all the time, carrying that around.

So at Happy Hour at Chili's I had two vodka sodas and their Guiltless Grilled Salmon. The drinks were 4 Points and the meal was 10. Getting out of there for 14 Points is a victory. Let me tell you, I was so tempted to order some fried appetizer.

Anyway, 27.6 pounds to go. To be honest this is when things start getting surreal. I was trying on clothes the other day and when I was getting into some size 10's, and even needed an 8 in this one pair of jeans, I started in with the "wow, clothes are really cut big these days". It's just impossible for me to believe I'm getting smaller, let alone small. Correction, I struggle with it but it's not impossible. I have to believe that my mind will one day catch up with my body. Otherwise I'll never appreciate what I have and that will wear on me and lead to relapse.

I need to end on a positive. Thank you to all who stop by and comment. The support is so meaningful to me. Oh, and did I mention I weigh 172.6 pounds? Like I said, INCREDIBLE!


  1. Yea!!! Congrats!!! 14 points at Chili's is incredible!!! And 172.6?!?!?! I am soooooo jealous :)

  2. omg, Michelle!

    That IS a small child!!!! I always do it by bags of rice...right now I am carrying around 3 bags of rice (equal to one small child)

    I am so so proud of you. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for the inspiration..ok, too corny...way to go, buddy!

  3. That is so awesome! You've been working so hard at this -- your success is no surprise. The difference in your before pics and now is incredible. You're an inspiration to me as I try to plug along through my plateau.

    xo Amy

  4. I just started with Weight Watchers yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can do this. I'm not as brave as you to put my weight for everybody to see yet.

    That is so awesome that you have lost much.

    Hopefully reading about your achievements will give me strength to achieve mine.

    Keep going!


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