Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Another day, another dollar. A dollar spent on cycling that is. So I have some news. Remember how I was saying my new (used) road bike, the Bianchi Brava, might be too small for me? Well, this idea ate away at me like a termite until I got it in my head that I needed a new bike, one that fit me exactly right. So I finally decided to go check out the options in my price range at Mike's Bikes yesterday after work. There's an incredibly knowledgeable helpful guy there, Richard Kaplan, to whom I'd been referred by a cycling colleague.

Richard got me on a few different bikes. After about an hour-and-a-half of riding different bikes and talking about what I like and don't like I settled on one. And it's a beauty. It's a Specialized Ruby Elite Triple. The "triple" part means that it has a triple crankset in the front, i.e. three "rings" on which to shift gears. Since I use the baby one quite a bit to get up hills I definitely wanted the triple, as opposed to the compact which just has 2 rings (but weighs less). Anyway, without further ado, here she is...

This baby is a Women's Specific Design, she's carbon throughout and Richard fit her to me so I can ride for miles and miles. Isn't she beautiful? I have to admit I'm partial to the red on my Bianchi, red just feels faster, but as bike colors go this dark blue is lovely too. As you've probably already guessed I spent way more on this bike than I intended. Well, how would you guess that? Anyway, more money. Miguel about died. He made me promise, without reserve, that this would be my last bike related purchase of the year. After he agreed that this does not include birthday or holiday presents for him I agreed.

Does a girl like me need a bike like this? No. But I might one day. And that was my thinking. I want to get a bike I can grow into, one I will be happy with for years to come. Maybe I over-bought, but I don't think so. And I love it. The first thing I did was come home and beg Miguel to go on a ride with me! Oh, and I got clipless pedals. Richard steered me toward Speedplay pedals, as they are super easy to get in-and-out of. I practiced getting in-and-out of them in the store and, though I have nothing to compare them to, I have to agree they are a breeze. The top image is the pedal and the lower one is the cleat (the part that goes on your shoe). I knew NOTHING about pedals but so far I'm happy with my choice. Everyone says you will fall at least once getting used to them but I don't know, hopefully with these I'll miss that fate.

So that means I got to buy one other thing. Shoes!! I picked a pair in the lower price range, this was definitely not an area in which I wanted to be spending big money. I really felt like these were the most comfortable I tried on though, and definitely the cutest. And looks matter people! So I'm all set with a new bike, new clipless pedals, new bike shoes (the latter two being a first-time experience for me) and I come home and go on a ride with Miguel. Yay!

We rode from our house about 7 miles down the road, which put us on a bit of a country road. This is part of the ride we had planned the Saturday morning I ended up in urgent care and couldn't ride. Like I said we rode about 7 miles out but the ride we had planned before is about 15. After doing this portion of the ride yesterday afternoon I now have no doubt I can do the full 15. Riding back home another cyclist came upon us and started chatting with Miguel. At one point they were both in front of me chatting away and I looked at them and just marveled at my life. Here I am, the sun low in the sky, the air perfect with trees and cows in the fields, riding along like a fit person. I took in the moment. Is this me? Am I doing this? Yes I am! I felt triumphant and glorious and healthy and alive!! Man, you can't buy that feeling.

So here's the ride we did:

So we're going to do the 30 mile ride on Sunday morning and I can't wait!!! My confidence with hills is just growing in leaps and bounds. It's not that I don't think hills are challenging, it's just that I now believe I can take a crack at them and have a chance of getting over them. I'm just not as scared of them as I was.

But one thing I am scared of is weigh-in Thurday! Eek! I'll be lucky if I avoid a gain this week. My eating has just been out of control. That's how I was feeling up until yesterday's ride; blue and with no control over my eating. I hate it when it's like that. I think I'm back on track today though. It's the start of my WW week so I'm tracking and I WILL HAVE A LOSS NEXT WEEK! Shosh, if you're reading this, remember you're not alone. We'll get there eventually! I'll post my weight after the meeting.

Ok, this weekend is now jam-packed. On Saturday I'm doing the NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) fundraising walk. Click here if you'd like to sponsor me by donating a dollar or two. Anyway, that will be a leisurely social walk. Afterward I'm going to lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a while, which will be nice. As previously mentioned I'm going on the 30 mile ride on Sunday. All in all it's looking to be a fabulous weekend. Is it Friday yet?

Update: I lost! 2.2 pounds. Incredible. I kinda feel like it's a fluke (sorry Kristy!) so I have to work hard this week to keep those 2.2 pounds off. I'm very close to losing 70 pounds, plus I am very close to having less than 20 pounds to lose. Woo-Hoo!! Oh, and I rode my bike the 5 miles to the meeting, and back of course. Very fun. On the way home I could see my shadow on the ground and it was freaking me out to see myself like that, I can't believe that body is me! Go Me!!


  1. Very nice bike!!! Congrats!! Odds are you probably will fall. I think it took me a couple of rides before it happened. Just when you're getting confident that you got it - bom!! Down you go. The most dangerous time is starting and stopping, that's always where I fall.

    Good luck on weigh in tonight!!

  2. Go You is right! I am just so so happy that you are having such a great time. One of these days you'll even believe it's gonna last ; )


    You're amazing my friend!! I miss being in your meeting.


  4. Michelle,
    Congrats on the weight loss this week. I was wondering how you calculate your activity points? It seems like WW only wants you to count 4 per day, but if I have a long run or in your case a long ride, do you count how many you actually work? The last time I ran was for 3 hours and I should get 13 points….. so I used about half getting my energy back, and the rest I banked (and I lost that week), but I feel so tired that I think I need to eat more. Just wondering what other active people do who are in WW….
    Keep up the great work, your energy is contagious – I rode my bike to the bus today to get to work, and I am going to get off the bus early and ride even further home (it should help work off the sweet potato fries I had for lunch – a splurge). Smile it’s Friday, and have a great weekend!


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