Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slowly...But Surely, right?

Good Morning Party People!! How's everyone in the blogosphere today? Anyone notice what's missing in my picture? Yep, my glasses. Forgot 'em and didn't realize it until I was in my car. Good thing my vision's not that bad. But I guess if it were I wouldn't be forgetting them.

Anyway, on to more important things. Thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and support. You know when you are overweight and out of shape you get this false fantasy in your head that when you lose weight and get in shape things will be perfect, and they aren't. They are better though. But we still face struggles and get down in the dumps and it's so nice to have support.

Kristy - you are the best cheerleader in the world! thank you.
Flo - thanks for keeping tabs on me and wishing me luck.
Amy - I appreciate the confidence you have in me, I need it while mine is low.
Misty - you are a serious inspiration to me and thank you for visiting my blog! If you ever want to talk about your new career I'm available.
Jesse - you're right, I think those endorphins are like my Prozac, thank you for pointing that out. Oh, and I ended up making chicken kabobs and they were goooood.

Ok, here's the update. I went to the gym on Monday after work (without Miguel, he was running late and I just had to get there). I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and other than a slightly higher than usual heart rate it went fine. I went to do the jog with the idea to jog for 15 minutes (I was up to 25 before). About 3 minutes in it started to feel really hard. Here was my thought process.

minute 3: you can do this! you will jog for 15 minutes. think of Irene who can't jog right now, do it for her!
minute 4 (when I start dying): ok, Irene would tell you to stop. no point pushing yourself right out of the gate and then not being able to walk tomorrow. just go for 5 minutes.

So I jogged for 5 minutes, walked for 2 and then jogged for 5 minutes again. Honestly I was disheartened but I'm hopeful I can come back. The thing is my tri is in 4 weeks! That means I have three weeks to train. And I haven't even been on a bike ride yet. So I went to do weight training and instead of doing 3 sets of everything I did 1 set. Core work and stretching and I headed home to make my kabobs (they were so yummy by the way). I felt really good about having been back to the gym.

Last night I went to the Terra Linda Pool, a city rec center pool. You can see the lap pool in the background. They have adult lap swim from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. When I first started swimming it was hard and I felt scared I'd lost so much endurance and strength. It got a little easier and I felt a bit better. Still, after 45 minutes I was done and I used to swim for 1.5 hours. Don't panic, Michelle. Calm down. It felt good to be back in the water but I felt a little lost without Jean. Also, the pool was deeper and I'd gotten used to swimming in a shallow pool, made me realize the lake swim is going to be a whole different ball of wax.

I have REALLY GOOD NEWS! I don't know if I mentioned it before but we had some problems during our Mother's Day spa weekend at the hotel. It was basically a lot of small issues (hot water problems in our room, reservation problem with our brunch, etc) that added up. We didn't let it ruin our weekend but it was enough that I wrote a letter to the hotel and expressed my dissatisfaction. Well, guess what?! The director of operations called me this morning and they are giving us a FREE SUITE! Yay! We are getting a Saturday night stay in a suite for mom and I, two free brunches, and use of the Spa on Saturday and Sunday. Woo-Hoo! I'm so friggin' excited!!!! This time I'll be able to use the fitness center and swim in the pool and and and...super yippee yay!!!

Alright, I really need to get to work. Shhhh, don't tell my boss I'm writing this at work. Not that he'd care, he leaves us to get our work done and doesn't bother us unless we don't, which I looooove. I'm going to the gym after work today and plan to do a similar routine as I did on Monday. Hopefully by next week I can do my full routine.


  1. So many good things, Michelle
    Glad you got to work out some. I'm sure you'll be able to work up to your former levels soon.
    Sure didn't take you long to work out of your funk, PI
    Very cool on the spa. Think I could pose as your mom? Or did you already tell her? ; )
    Did you notice how skinny your neck is in that picture?
    Oh! And tomorrow is Thursday! My favorite Michelle Day

  2. Congrats!!!! On getting back to the gym and starting slow. You will return to your former levels rather quickly but be a little patient.

    On the spa!! What a score. I've learned in my vast experience that a well written letter can be incredibly effective. Cool!!

    On breaking through your funk!! That can sometimes be tough so yea!!!

    You've inspired me, I'm heading back to WW this weekend. I just ordered some discount coupons and 7 am Saturday morning I'm there. And it's all your fault ;)

  3. Stick with it Michelle, I know how much it stinks to get back into things after surgery but it DOES come back and much faster then the first time around!
    You are doing the right thing taking it slow, you're body is thanking you!
    The free suite sounds great, it shows they really care about their reputation. I hope you don't have anymore small problems this time!!!

  4. You're going to get all that endurance back...remember, you're an athlete!!! I am so proud of you, if I were there with you I would give you a HUGE hug.

  5. Yay, go you on all counts! Love it, especially the free spa stay.

    I knew you would come out of your funk, and glad to hear that you're allowing yourself a bit of time to get back to where you left off. Be gentle with yourself, you're doing great!

    I third what the others have said. Dude, you are totally an athlete!


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