Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walking For The Mind of America with NAMI

I went to the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) walk this morning. It was chiiillly out there. It was at Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park, which is not all that far from the ocean. Brrr. Once we got moving it was alright but I could have used a faster pace to stay warm.

After the 5k walk I did something I never would have done before; I utilized the free massage/chiropractor tent. My left shoulder was bothering me and shoulder/scapula pain is an off-and-on issue I've had for years so I decided to go for it.

Why would I never have done this before? I was too self-conscious about my body. Lay on a table in public and let a man manipulate my limbs? I don't think so. But now? Sure! And let me tell you, it felt great! This very nice (and cute!) chiropractic student asked me some questions and then diagnosed some type of muscle issue. He then passed me on to an intern who did the treatment, basically some very painful massage in the muscle. It helped though. I'm thinking of seeing if I have any chiropractic coverage in my insurance to get this done regularly. By the time it was over I was feeling happy as a clam, see?These are the little everyday reminders of why I'm working to make, and maintain, changes in my life. But I do feel like my face looks kinda fat in that picture.

After the walk I went to Askew Grill for lunch with a good friend. I had the Thai Salmon Skewers with Roma tomatoes, broccoli, red onions and coconut cilantro jasmine rice. Can you say Yummy? And we had grilled sliced zucchini as an appetizer. Also yummy. Of course I drank good ol' h2o with that.

Then we went to Sports Basement. I had some items to return and needed a better nose clip for swimming. I want to share a couple of things I saw.

1. Tri shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. What? Will this make me a better triathlete? An employee saw me taking pics and asked if I was making fun of the products. I said it seemed silly and he said, "Triathletes are so crazed they see that word and they'll try it. They should have put Ironman on it and then it'd sell like hotcakes." We had a good laugh and I secretly wondered if I should buy some before my first tri.

2. This sign was next to the elevator as I was leaving. I got very excited and whipped out my camera. Even though I have yet to do a triathlon the excitement is there! This store had a Tri section. Most places have a rack, if you're lucky, so it was pretty fun to look at all the stuff. I refrained from any purchases other than my nose clip.

I'm off to make dinner. We're getting up bright and early to do our 30 mile ride so I'm going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to make a menu for the week and then go grocery shopping. I'm striving for a good week and I do so much better when I have a menu. Happy Saturday all!


  1. I'm jealous!!! I buy from Sports Basement frequently but have never been to one in person. Next time we are in Northern Cal. I'm going!!!

  2. my first view of your blog today. I must say you are doing an amazing thing. I quit smoking on a site with Kristy and her blog is what lead me here. I love your banner. would like to know how to make one. thanks for your comment on my blog. You look great!

  3. Sounds like a great day, Michelle. I could just feel that GG Park chilliness. Hope you had fun on your ride today...and didn't forget the Biking Body Lotion ; )

  4. OMG! I just realized that skinny little thing face down on the massage table is you!!!!!! I was thinking it was a pic you took of someone else to show the massage/chiro tent. You look amazing!!!

  5. I know this is old old old but I saw the tri swimming and lotion products and I bought the lotion and I really don't think it does anything. I was sitting in a meeting 10 hours after I put it on and all I could smell was chlorine. OOO and don't put it on your face. It took 3 days before my face didn't feel greasy.

    I just stumbled on to your blog and it's fantastic!!


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