Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Won!

I took on that big 'ol chocolate bowl and I won! That chocolate thought it was stronger than me but I showed it who's boss. As Sarah said to Jareth, "You have no power over me." Would you like to see the offensive bowl? Here it is, slightly less full because of my efforts on Monday...

So yesterday was an off day for working out. Today is the gym followed by the pool. I've been getting up a lot earlier to get into work earlier so I can feel better about leaving early and not get so behind in my work. I'm still adjusting to the earlier AM rise, getting up at 6am now instead of 8am. I am going to bed earlier too though but you know, getting up 2 hours earlier throws off all my eating times, etc.

Oh, I have really good news! I wanted to take my mom for a pedicure for Mother's Day on Sunday. I suggested we go to the Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. It's really friggin' $$$ but they have a pool and spa and fitness center so I was thinking I could spend the whole day there. My mom suggested we stay the night! She's picking up the tab for the room because that craziness is just out of my league, but I'm picking up the spa treatments, which is still out of my league really but I haven't gotten her crap for Mother's Day in years so it balances out. Breakfast is included and I'm getting a Swedish Massage at 12:30 on Sunday. OMG, I'm going to be luxuriating like you cannot imagine. When I say this place is nice that's almost an understatement. Here's a few pics I found online:

Miguel and I are going for a bike ride on Saturday morning and then I'm hustling my butt over to the Inn to get my luxuriating started ASAP. I am SO excited. I need a day like this. I need a massage and some fresh cut fruit on a linen tablecloth with silver utensils. I need filtered water with fresh ice cubes in a tall glass with lemon. I need a pool and egyptian cotton towels and the list goes on and on. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!


  1. I need a spa day! That sounds so heavenly!

    Oh, and great job over the evil bowl of chocolate...

  2. That sounds incredible! I wish I could afford to do something like that for my mom this year... instead I am giving her the gift of gardening time, which is probably more valuable to her anyway. ;)

    Pleas, give us a full report on your luxurious weekend, I can't wait to hear about it! And pictures, too! Pictures!


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