Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's in the Fridge?

Alright, you guys are going to think I've lost my mind but I'm getting bored over here. Wanna see what's in my refrigerator? How about my cupboards? Alright, if you promise not to judge me, at least not to my face, I'll let you peek. What can I say? I'm alone at home with a camera and time. I got bored. Here's the results.

We'll start with my refrigerator. I want you to know I didn't touch a thing before I took the picture. I didn't remove any chocolate syrup or add the carrots. To see the whole thing much bigger just click on the image.

Moving on to the fridge door.

And finally, my cupboards. There are a couple of cupboards with spices, sugar, etc, that I didn't bore you with. Trust me, you aren't missing anything.

I'm feeling the need to add that I have one of those hangy things with onions and stuff in it, a fruit bowl on the counter and a huge thing of tomatoes on the counter. Want to see the tomatoes? I bet you do....

Ok, it's over. Carry on.


  1. This is a fun idea, and I am glad you are keeping yourself busy!
    Hope you are feeling better each day!

  2. OK you're bored. When do you get to back to work. You're using your time creatively though, that's a plus.


  3. lolol...omg that is so funny. What a way to get your food hit, and much better posting them than eating them. That took up what? An hour or two?

    Thanks for the tips : )

  4. My fridge has never been filled with that much food :o


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