Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chocolate for Dinner?

Sunday evening I went to my mother's for dinner. She always makes a healthy meal when I go over now, which is really sweet. I had a nice dinner of poached sole with onion and tomato, brown rice with mushrooms and pine nuts, corn on the cob and steamed carrots. I ate a few other snacky things while there and got home around 7pm. For some reason I was feeling very foody, and a little irritable. I started grazing and realized that I needed to do something to intervene or I'd eat all evening. A while back I read this article about how successful weight losers are able to intervene in these situations and started going over the suggestions I remember from the article - reading, run errands, etc. I didn't think those would work but I knew a walk would.

Several times in the past, during an evening at home, I have had the thought, "I should go for a walk". I have never actually gone on the walk. But on Sunday evening I did. It just seemed so right. I laced up my shoes, grabbed my ipod and went on my way. My calves were/are really sore from hiking down Mt. Tam on Saturday so I was slow to warm up but once I got going I felt great. Oh, I forgot to mention this before but on Friday when I went into the locker room to change for my workout I had the thought, "you're about to feel better than you have all day." Wow, I am really seeing the payoff of exercise when I have a thought like that. And it was so true. So I got going on my walk and sure enough, after about 10 minutes I was bopping along and feeling good. The walk was about 4.5 miles and I was gone for an hour. So to top it off I earned 3 Activity Points! And I need them this week because...

Yesterday (Monday) I decided to skip the gym for two reasons. One, I needed to work late because of work that I just HAD to catch up on. And two, my calves were still really sore and I felt they needed to rest. So there I was...alone at the office...with the big bowl of chocolate. This time it was filled with Hershey's Miniatures. I rationalized that I could eat just one serving, 4 candies. I ate those. But it didn't end there. By the time I left the office I estimated I'd eaten 15 of them, or about 12 Points worth. Ack! So I tracked them and found myself with 1 Point left for dinner. I'd already exhausted my Weekly Points Allowance. I knew if I went home the eating would continue so I ran some errands. When I got home I made a spring greens salad with chopped egg whites and light dressing. That pushed me over on Points for the week by .5 but I'm ok with that.

Well, I am trying very hard to stick to my daily points for today and tomorrow until they reset on Thursday. Tonight I might go for a walk if I have time and feel like it. I'm going to the gym tomorrow so I'll get a couple APs there. Let's hope I can manage a loss on Thursday!


  1. What a great post..I think thosee things to myself as well and dont do them which is probably why I am so fluffy. Way to go mom on the healtht food, she rocks!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the encouraging words.

    Sometimes chocolate for dinner is a must! And now with all the recently touted health benefits - why feel guilty?

  3. Hey there lady! I've been out of the loop for a while, but just read all your entries I missed, and DAMN! You are so awesome. All you've accomplished, just great. Beyond great.

    Anyway, congratulations and keep up the fitness! I am in awe.

    xoxo radiosilents

  4. Part of this post sounded familiar....the chocolate bowl part. And sure enough. Exactly one month ago that bowl had the same siren call. So, next month is the day after the Fourth of July, so I think you should take that day off, whether it is an official work holiday or not. Whaddya say?

    Good for you for taking the steps that changed the path - the walk, the errands.

    One week to tri! I'm getting so excited for you! Wish I could be there.


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