Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Downs and Ups

I didn't make it to the gym on Monday. I was far behind in charting and had to pull a marathon session to catch up. I worked until midnight! Back in January I had to do the same thing and at that time I swore I wouldn't let it happen again. Obviously I let it happen again. And with chocolate. I ate quite a few out of the evil chocolate bowl. I'm all caught up now (with the charting - I'll never catch up on chocolate) and this time, by golly, I won't let it happen again!

So I vowed to go to the gym on Tuesday, which I did of course :) I left work early and started my workout. I was jogging and once again it was really hard, I knew I'd struggle to get to a mile again. For some reason I got the idea to change my stride and I lengthened it. Things suddenly felt remarkably better. I could jog again! I'm not saying it suddenly became easy but it was manageable and I jogged 3 miles. Whew! That not being able to jog thing really scared me. I made it to the gym today too (Wednesday) but I rode the bike instead. I'm sort of resting up for the tri. I'm not going on Friday either since it's the day before the tri. Am I mentioning the tri enough? Oh boy, I'm getting increasingly nervous & excited, and nervous...and excited.

Alright, on to other matters...I weigh-in tomorrow and I know I've been saying this for weeks but this time I'm pretty sure I'm not going to lose. I might even gain. Ugh. I've just eaten quite a lot this week, not really tracked at all, and, and, and... You know how it goes. I'll post an update to this post tomorrow night with my weigh-in results and probably not write again until after the tri when I'll post my first race report ever! Thank you all (Shoshana, Matty, Kristy, Wendy, Irene, Jessica, Alice, et al) for cheering me on. Wish me luck!!

Update: I gained .4 pounds. Eek! Nearly a 1/2 pound. I had a brilliant idea on the way home. I was carb loading. Yeah, let's go with that :)


  1. I think nervous and excited yield the same physical reactions, you know. So, I'd just stick with being excited. ;-)

    If you feel like it's a real struggle, there's nothing wrong with slowing it down a bit, and getting things in check - as you run more, it takes longer for you to feel "warmed up"...for some of us, that might be 3-5 miles now, before our run feels "good", so don't worry, you're normal! =)

    Good job on setting up some great affirmations for yourself. I'm super happy for you to enjoy your first TRI! Check out our friend Sarah at for more inspiration. She's a rock star like YOU.

  2. OMG - Wendy sent me over. You look phenomenal! I'm so excited to catch up on your story.

    Good luck on your tri - just go out there and have a blast!!

  3. I found you blog via GeekGirl/Athena Diaries.

    I can relate to your journey -- I'm back on WW too, havig been on this road many times before.

    You've come a long, long way from hwere you started.

    Don't let whatever number the scale reflects dictate how you feel about you.

    It is only information about a particular time on a particular day.

    Just keep counting one point at a time.

  4. wow.. what an inspiration you are!
    I found you off of fit by fourty's blog.
    love reading..
    thanks for the inspiration!

    (fantastically fit by 40)

  5. Carb loading IS essential for a big event. Just remember, Sunday is a new day. You'll be on track again for next week. ;-)

  6. Isn't michelle just the best??? I mean, what a tri girl she is!

  7. You rock for sticking with it and getting in 3 miles, that is an amazing change of mind. I know you will do fine in the tri, just keep the same mentality!
    As for carb loading, you do need the energy for Saturday. Plus I am sure the excitment/anticipation is putting your body into wack! The pounds will drop off after the relief of your finish sinks in!
    Can't wait to read your FIRST race post!!! You are awesome, good luck! You're in my prayers this weekend!

  8. I'm so excited to hear how the Tri goes tomorrow, a million trillion good wishes to you! I definitely think it must be hard to track weight by the numbers when you have this big event coming up. I know that your .4 will disappear like magic, very soon :)

    Rock that tri!

  9. Oh, what a great blog! You have such a wonderful attitude. I'm going to look forward to reading all of your old posts.

  10. Hey, I found your blog on the WW newbie board. Your "Truth About Dieting" post really hit home with me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you luck on your Tri this weekend! So...GOOD LUCK!


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