Friday, June 13, 2008

SO Close!

I went to weigh-in last night. Let me back up a bit first. Yesterday I was at an all day workshop in Sacramento, about 1.5 hours away. My boss and I drove up for the 9am start. Basically, I was sequestered with muffins and croissants all morning. Then they served lunch. I didn't plan for lunch and had to eat it. Salad, lasagna, black beans, rice, and enchiladas. Weird. Of course I had a little of everything. I ate more than I should have but kept to water for a beverage. Then in the afternoon I was sequestered with massive chocolate chip cookies. I ate one. I tracked it all and feel okay about my choices.

I didn't get home to make it to my normal 5pm WW meeting. But when I got home at 5:30 I realized I had enough time to ride to the 6:30pm meeting. The meeting is about 5 miles from my house so I put on my shorts and stuff and rode to the meeting. As of last week I was .8 pounds away from passing the 70 pounds lost mark. On the way to the meeting I thought it would be better to celebrate that milestone in my regular meeting with all my WW buddies. I guess I talked myself into it because I lost .6 pounds. Agh! I now weigh 164 and have lost 69.8 pounds. If I lose at all next week I will pass the 70 pounds lost mark. The good news is I will get to celebrate with my WW regulars.

So last week I lost .8, this week .6 down. I wonder if next it'll be a .4 pound loss. You know, I have 19 pounds to lose to get to my goal of 145. 19 pounds. Less than 20 pounds to go. For months I've thought, "wow, it'll be amazing when I have less than 20 pounds to lose." I am 14 pounds overweight according to the BMI categories. I am SO close. And yet, sometimes, I feel so far away. I see the fat on my thighs, on my stomach, on my arms, and it just feels like it will never go away. I really need to reconcile that with myself because I know even at 145 I will still have some excess body fat. It's not like I'm shooting to look like a jockey. A jockey? Where did that come from? I went off to Internetland to find a pic of a jockey and found this inspiring story about Sylvia Harris. In this picture she's weighing in; check out those arms! Check out her story. Anyway...

I rode home from the meeting. My legs were sore from the gym on Wednesday so the ride was a real challenge. The muscles in my legs hurt in a way that haven't for a while. It was nice to be on my bike again though; I hadn't been on it since the 30 mile ride.

Last thing...what's on tap for this weekend?? Tonight (Friday) I'm going out to dinner with some friends in The City (SF). Tomorrow Miguel and I are going to do a swim/cycle brick. He's whining about how he doesn't want to swim, just cycle, but since he hasn't swam AT ALL since we signed up for this thing I'm holding my ground. Plus I don't want the first time I do a transition to be at the actual Tri. So we're going to practice both transitions. We're going to swim, transition, cycle, transition (the latter being just for practice because we're not going to run). I hope it all goes smoothly because...

MY TRI IS NEXT WEEKEND! Wow. Oh, a little shot of adrenaline. Nice. Alright, I'm off to face the day. Everyone have a great weekend!!


  1. I love the headlined quote from Sylvia, 'Whether I win or lose, personally I feel like I've already won,' Seems like that applies to all of our journies into getting healthy. How we define vicotry is unique to each of us, but what we all have in common is putting our intent into action by our efforts. And you've certainly done that.

  2. Enjoy your weekend!

    I agree with you and practicing everything well before the tri so you have it down seamlessly!


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