Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Call It a Slump

It's only been a few days so I can't really call it a slump. I noted in my last post I've not been feeling thrilled with training. I'm just tired. Feeling this way always scares me a little bit, "Am I falling off the wagon?", "Is this how it starts?", "Oh God, I'm going to get fat again", etc, etc. One thing I try to remind myself is that I'm not going to regain all the weight overnight. That's an irrational fear. Won't happen.

I tell you, it's irritating though. I don't like feeling tired. I like feeling upbeat and excited about my workouts. I like momentum. I have said again and again that momentum is a big part of my plan so when I don't have it I feel a little lost. I've been trying to keep my eating under control during this, but it's not been perfect. I'm 15 points over my points for the week. That includes my daily points, weekly points and activity points. I might see a gain this week.

After my ride on Saturday I bagged the 5k I had planned for Sunday morning. But I still went to the SF Symphony in the park event. It was a lovely day and I laid in the sun taking in the music and enjoying the delicious picnic food. There were some lemon cupcakes that were delicious! I was very proud of myself for keeping it to just one, even after she tried to send them home with us. I knew if I took them home I'd just eat them. But man were they good.

So yesterday's schedule called for a swim and bike ride. I normally do my swims in the morning but couldn't drag myself out of bed to do it. I thought about going after work, maybe riding my bike to the pool, swimming and riding home. This is a 40% reduction week so my swim was only 17 minutes and the bike ride 35. But all day at work I felt exhausted. I came home early and sat my butt on the couch and watched TV all evening, catching up on Swingtown. I had Frosted Flakes and hot dogs for dinner. Yes, you read that right. But hey, the hot dogs were 98%FF Kosher All Beef Dogs, 1 Point each. Anyway, I knew today was a day off so I decided to go ahead and let it pass and see how I feel tomorrow. So tomorrow is a 29 minute swim. I find it an interesting coincidence that I'm feeling tired and this is a 40% reduction recovery week. Maybe I'm close to being in sync but just a little off?

Oh, I also calculated that with my 261 minute bike ride on Saturday I'm still 64 minutes ahead in exercising minutes even with the ones I bagged. That made me feel good. I'm planning to get up and do my swim first thing in the morning. Tired or not, I need to get back on this horse.

Shifting gears...the official triathlon pictures finally arrived! I'm posting them here and sneaking them into the original race report so they live on in their right place.

Here I am coming out of the swim.

When I first glanced at this picture I was taken aback. That's me? Even though I've got a little of the stuffed sausage look I am still proud to be in that moment.

Here's I am on the bike.

Isn't that cool? I love that picture. No run picture but here's the finish line picture. Please don't forget to subtract 15 minutes for my 4th wave start. So that makes my time 1:38.

Back to my non-slump slump. I don't really have a plan other than to just start faking it tomorrow. I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and do my swim. I'll carry on from there.

Update: I made it to the pool this morning. I'm starting to feel alive again. Slowly but surely.


  1. I totally feel your pain, but it does pass so keep plugging along.
    The pictures are fabulous, you look great!!

  2. I empathize with feeling tired. For me it happens MORE during recovery weeks. And I HATE feeling tired!

    Depending on your goals and your reasons for training, sometimes you simply have to force yourself to do the workouts (absent injury, illness or a REAL reason to skip vs an excuse).

    Sometimes you will be successful at this, sometimes you won't.

    For me it has taken a lot of setbacks and practice and continues to take a lot of practice to this day!

    So keep on keeping on!! You are doing great, not in spite of the setback and the tiredness but because of how you handle them.

  3. Man, if those pictures don't inspire you to keep on going! Listen to your body, my friend, but also argue back when you have to. Maybe building in some rest time in your schedule would help? Naps are sometimes needed. And if you've given yourself permission to do that, maybe you can then get your energy back for the fun stuff.

  4. Hey Michelle,
    Across the miles we're both having a down time,
    But you know what, those fears are really unfounded...if you stopped feeding your body and soul all those wonderful exercise endorphins it would protest! I am so certain that your changes are for life.

    YOu ARE a slim, fit, athlete!
    And that is what you will always be!
    And you know what...slim fit athletes have days they don't feel like going for their swim too!

    Its just normal

    You're such an inspiration!

    YOu look FANTASTIC!


  5. Don't know what you were seeing in the swim picture...sausage? You are too funny! You look FABulous in all the pictures. Are you taking a multi-vitamin daily? That seems to help me from feeling tired. You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work.

  6. Something I always keep in mind: Without winter, there is no spring.

    Sometimes the body has a way of saying it needs a teeny tiny rest from the routine to keep from plateauing. And, yes, you look terrific in those photos. I'm jealous!


    and good that you took some times off (that's what I like to call my slumpage and Im ALL ABOUT THE FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT. in every aspect of my life)

    have a great swim.


  8. Michelle...you are a true inspriration. I love that you can eat Frosted Flakes and hot dogs for dinner, that's what living is all about.

    We all have "slumps" but at the end of the day we are just tired. You work out hard and you are pushing yourself in ways you never have or thought you could. Be gentle and when we meet in Vegas next year we can laugh about it.

    Keep it up and I am glad you're getting back on the horse.

    xox from NY

  9. Your photos are great! (You do not look like a sausage.)

    As you can see from all the other comments, we all go through periods where getting out the door for a training session feels like pulling teeth. Just open the door and go.

    Sometimes I'll "convince" myself that I'll only run to the next block or only ride to the street sign or only swim 25 more yards.

    Then, POOF, by the time I get to where I said I'd go, I'm okay to go a little more.

    Hey: I am scheduled for a SFO business trip next week. (Am 99% sure I'm going -- depends on cat situation, frankly).

    I've done some research on pools in SFO to get my swim workouts in. (Won't pack my wet suit; won't swim in the freezing bay without one).

    Any pools in the city you'd recommend?

  10. recovery weeks I'm always exhausted, actually I'm already exhausted and mine isn't until next week. Crap!

    You look amazing in those pics. You look so fit and slim!!

    P.S. A WW questions - do you eat your daily, your flex and all your APs?

  11. Hey Michelle, I love the photos, you look so happy and fit!
    Don't worry too much about your food intake, your body has a lot going on and it might just be trying to get used to the new training plan!

  12. I hear ya on the feeling somewhat unmotivated... after vacation and all that family 'closeness' entailed I've just not be IN to racing.. I didn't do the Muncie Endurathon... I blew off Harbor Lights last weekend... am way under-trained for my 1/2 marathon that I won't end up doing either...I've just been in a funk.

    But we get it back eventually right! :o) - can you send some of your made it to the pool karma my way???

    Congrats on your race and the pics too... they look good!

  13. The pics are great; you are great; the transformation still amazes me!!

    Funks are crap; being tired is crap; but they pass eventually. Your pics no doubt gave you a lift and reminded you why you do this!! Have a good rest of the week.

  14. yay for you for getting out of your funk.

    i guess that means you don't want any of the lemon bars i made today. ;)

  15. Michelle if you were here right now I'd walk right up to you and give you a big ole hug! THANK YOU for the comment you left on my blog! you are RIGHT... I don't feel like I care but I do, and when I get out of this fog, damn right I don't want to be behind the starting line - and I am slowly creeping there now.... thank you thank you thank you for your true words...

  16. YEAH! I'm glad you got your swim in! That's the keep to a slump - just keep moving forward...

  17. Hi Michelle! Your photos are so awesome! Wow. You look super happy. Glad to hear the energy slump is somewhat abating...I have no clue about how these 'reduction' workouts work, but it's interesting that it seems to be timed for when you might naturally get tired? I had never thought about that before. I need to read up :)

    BTW, I've been reading your blog through google reader for a while so it was just today that I visited your site and noticed all the cool changes! I really dig your "Fatstory" page and all the other links up at the top. Way cool redesign :)

  18. You look great in the pics!

    Maybe you just need a few recovery days and then you'll be back to full energy.

  19. Michelle: I just found your site and am already addicted to it. You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I am so inspired! I'm in the middle of my own weight loss program and have non-slumped at one point already. I made it through by just going with the flow a bit and picking up where I left off after several days. No biggie...you will persevere! - Chris

  20. I think a part of endurance training is going through that stage of just feeling lack-luster. It's also summer, too, and it seems like a lot more people go through that "tired" phase for a short time -- perhaps its a seasonal thing with the warmer weather? I'm still figuring it all out.

    You're amazing!

  21. I love reading your blog, so keep it up! Congrats on your smiley race photos.

  22. I am right there with you! This training is really making me tired. There are days that I have a hard time even getting out of bed! Then there are really good days. It's hard to track and figure out why some are good and some are bad.

    We did a lake swim on Wed. and I could barely finish 3 laps. Why is that? Maybe because I did a 57 minute bike ride the night before? It's all kind of a mystery to me. Hang in there! You're lookin' great!

  23. Holy massive transformation, my fellow weight watcher; Congrats!


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