Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Treadmill Is Boring

So I did a Google Search on those terms and got back 150,000 hits. When I first started the c25k running program a runner friend asked, "How do you run on the treadmill? It's so friggin' boring!". For a long time I didn't know what she meant. It was mainly because I was doing these walk/run intervals and didn't get bored. When I started getting into the 20+ minute runs I started to have an idea. Then when I did my first outside longer run, the 40 minute one on Sunday, and the time went by so much faster, I realized what she meant.

As an aside, I posted my training schedule on GoogleDocs if you'd like to follow along. Whenever I mention the training log I'll link to it. Unless I get sick of linking to it. I also posted a link on the sidebar just below the About Me section.

So today I had a 26 minute run on the schedule. I decided to do it at the gym for a bunch of reasons (hot outside, weight training after run, etc). I started out with an easy 5 minute walk. Then I got to running (at my newly reduced 4.7 pace) and I was bored after 5 minutes, even with my iPod. And the TVs? Cage Fighting on one and the SciFi Channel on the other. During my last 5 minutes a woman changed one to CNN so that helped. I cooled off with another 5 minute walk. It felt really good to be able to run the whole time without difficulty. I'm going to stick with this slower pace for a while. Oh, and I realized when I updated my training log my run was 2 minutes shorter than it was supposed to be. I'll try not to invalidate the whole run because of that. I finished up with weight training, which felt different and fun. My new weight training plan is Thursdays and Sundays, after my runs.

So today is weigh-in Thursday! Oh, but first, I found a new "before" picture on Miguel's computer. Can you believe that? And this was taken on 4/16/07, 2 months after I started Weight Watchers! That means I'd lost about 10 pounds when this was taken. At least that's Fat Free milk I'm drinking. So Miguel was floored when he saw it, "I never realized you were that fat." Hmph. Not sure how to take that. Well, let's take it positively :)

Without further ado, my weight this week was...oh, hold on a sec'. I want to preface this with telling you I was up nearly 3 pounds at the start of the week. 3 pounds! I had a lot more social meals than normal this week. A lot. Besides my Ventura adventures I went to an Italian Buffet with a colleague yesterday and an Italian Restaurant for dinner with mom last night. I tried to make decent choices (seafood, whole grains, veggies, etc) but restaurant food is always tricky. It's hard to know what's in there.

I was expecting a gain this afternoon. Anyway, my weight is...160.2 pounds. That's a .4 pound loss. I'll take it! I'm really serious this time when I say I'm going to carefully track this week. I've said that several weeks in a row and not really done it so this time I'm serious! So my new total pounds lost is 73.6 pounds. Not a big change this week but I'm happy as can be with it. We'll see what next week has in store.

What's on tap for the rest of the week? I have an 88 minute training ride tomorrow. Miguel and I will ride together and maybe check out another part of the Marin Triathlon route. Saturday is a day off but this weekend Mom and I are going to do our Spa weekend redux. There's a fun bike ride on Saturday morning from 8-10am. I think I'm going to do that. Then to the spa to relax, maybe take a yoga class. On Sunday I plan to get up early and do my 44 minute jog before it gets too hot. Then to the fitness center to do my weight training. Then back to the pool. Doesn't that sound grand? I'm going to take Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion to read I think. And a bunch of magazines in case I can't focus on a book.

I hope everyone has a fun and fabulous weekend!! Oh and if you have a secret for dealing with treadmill boredom let me know!


  1. Wow!! You have come and long way!! Good for you!!!

    Congrats on the loss, even a little is a lot :)

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend, have a good time.

  2. once again you are a great motivator! Thanks for always visiting my blog. You rock!

  3. Cograts on your weight loss this week! Keep up the good work. Enjoy the spa weekend. Hope to save up some money to one day do this as well. Might start in a few weeks by getting a pedicure!

  4. Oh, Girl, they don't call it a Dreadmill for nuthin'. I gave my Dreadmill to my mom....for FREE. I hated it that much. Did I mention the lowest temp I ran in was like -10 or -12? I use a face mask and special gear....still hate the Dreadmill.

    You tell Miguel that pictures are two dimensional and make people appear 'flat' or 'fat'. You are doing great! You are at a point where 3 pounds is really just salty food or you need to go to the bathroom. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  5. hahahhaha, ooh, Miguel...what to say after THAT. Well, it happens. =) Besides, just one look at your header, and as Wes would say, you look HAWT!

    I set the dreadmill for intervals, and you just have to hit the button to go in between. So, you could set it for 1 minute at 5, then 4 minutes at 4.7, and just click back and forth. That might help...

    I put a tv series on my ipod, and that helped too.

  6. What a great story you have. Keep it up.
    As for the treadmill, I LOVE it during the cold winters here in the Chicago suburbs. I listen to my ipod, watch the TV's at the fitness center. I also watch movies/DVD's when I ride on my bike trainer during the winter at home.
    You're right--once you get outside you realize how boring it is, but you do what you have to do! I actually enjoy it in the winter months.
    Have a great week and fun at the spa with your mom.

  7. wow, what a big difference from then! congrats on your loss despite all the extra meals.

  8. That's when I met you! I wonder if I would even recgonize you now! You're gorgeous...

    Keep up the great work my dear friend. Enjoy the spa, you've earned it!!

  9. WOW! Love the before pic.....night and day different. I had to keep scolling back and forth because I was blown away at the changes!


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  11. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by! (I'm sorry, I deleted the above comment b/c I made several bad typos.) You are inspirational! (You also look great.) I went from 220 to 170 eight years ago and I have been steadily at 180 since (I have 5-10 pounds I could play with tho my friends think I'm "skinny") then so the new eating style combined with a lifestyle of exercise does work. Keep at it!

    The rafters were Arizona River Runners out of Phoenix, 800-477-7238. Despite the tragedy on our trip (which they responded to very capably and was not their fault) they were top-notch throughout. I felt very safe and comfortable with them.

  12. Something like that happened to me last week. I found a picture of me taken on a trip about 4 years ago and WOOOO I was big. Baboo looked at it and his eyes got all big and he said, "Gosh, you were big!" I mean, he lived with me, how did he not notice that? I suppose it's a testament to how much they love us that they don't notice it, I guess!

  13. I agree the treadmill can be verrrry boring. Keep your journey moving and have a great weekend!

  14. Wow! Such a huge difference. I can hardly believe you're the same person! Someday, I want to be just like you. ;)

    Have a great spa weekend!

  15. Wow, what a difference! You look so great now.

    I am the oddball - I love running on the TM. I truly don't mind it at all. The key for me is to do what you've already done, which is slow down, and listen to my Ipod.

    I've finally learned how to pseudo read closed captioning, so I kind of watch a lot of Law & Orders too.

    But overall, I just kind of zone out. I don't have to worry about cars or dogs or other people, and I really enjoy the TM. It's not uncommon for me to run up to two hours at a time on it without blinking an eye.

    I think the more you do it, the easier it gets. But being able to mentally zone out helps the most! :)

  16. CONGRATS on losing over 73 lbs Michelle! AWESOME!

    I have some treadmill workouts that have helped make the time go faster. They are based on intervals and using your Heart Rate Monitor. Some are easy, some are tough, but they do seem to break up the monotony and make the "time" go faster.

    I'll post a couple for you over the weekend.

  17. If I have my ipod, then steady state running on a treadmill is doable, but if I'm doing high intensity interval training on a treadmill, my mind is so caught up in what I'm doing, it goes by quickly. I also prefer the great outdoors to indoor treadmill running, but I can adapt. :)

    Wow, Michelle! Look how far you've come!

  18. WOW! wow wow WOW! You are doing so amazing!

  19. I'm with you girl...dreadmill = boredom!

    Like Irene, I find that interval training works for me. I do 800s or sometimes 1200s at 6.0 to 6.5 mph, then cool down to 5.0 or 5.5 (depending on how I feel) for 200. I can get in about 3 miles/30 minutes this way before I'm about to shoot myself.

    BTW, You've about convinced me to start WW again. I did it years ago, but was ALWAYS hungry...but your results are completely inspirational!

  20. Hi Michelle,

    Great blog!
    I have gone back to WW and started running for the first time in my life so I read your blog with interest. I am doing a 12km fun run in September and a mini triathlon in November.
    LOVE the riding shirt!
    Look forward to seeing more progress. What you've done already is AWESOME!

  21. You are so insoiring -great job. Enjoy the weekend with Mom.

  22. Michelle...OMG you have lost alot of weight! If I would have meet you now I would have said you never could have been that size! Your so fit and healthy looking I just can't believe it!! Girl you just inspired me and I was wanting a really bad dessert but now I think I will pass!! Thanks, I wanna be HOT like YOU!!!

  23. You look amazing - from someone who struggles everyday with the battle of what goes in my mouth, you are an inspiration...

    Kepp up the fantastic work. Love the cycle jersey in the last post btw.. we have a saying around these parts very simialr to yours


  24. I agree, the treadmill is boring. But it has it's place. I definately appreciate it in the early mornings during winter when it's really too cold to run outside, or for doing intervals, or when it's too hot outside. But it's generally Plan B, not Plan A for me.

    And WOW. You have really come a long way. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work!!

  25. Hey Michelle!
    I've never heard about the 4AP daily max! As I was eating upward of 8-12 AP's a day + Flex points. I think i'll use that rule from now on... I think it makes sence.

    I'm actually at 26 daily points (made the switch at 225lbs). The past week I was only eating right about 26pts but now i'm kinda eating more. It seems my body needs the fluxuation of points...i've been low the past week and now with going away tomorrow for 4 days (staying w/ my step mom who's a great cook!) I know i'll be eating more...

    Thanks again for the 4 AP point tip!

  26. Congrats on the 73lbs lost. I have started reading your blog and have been inspried to start tri training. I won't start the swimming portion until Sept. since I have to find a gym with a pool. I found a training log for beginners... I will start this week. Enjoy the spa

  27. I don't mind the treadmill for avoiding the oppressive southern Nevada summer heat. Otherwise running outside is so much better.

  28. Great work Michelle. I agree the treadmill is a drag but as we did our long run in the mountains today I was secretly contemplating which was worse - the giant hills or the treadmill. Keep up the great work!

  29. just stumbled upon your page... love it!

    Your last "during" photo is such an inspiration!!! I started WW a bit over a month ago, and it's going nice and slow... about a pound a week. It's great to look at your weight log and see that with time, I will get along just like you have!

    Keep it up! You look great!!


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