Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Kind of Person...

gets up at 7:30am on a Sunday morning to go running? I DO!! And that's just strange.

Backing up a bit first. I've had shoulder pain around my scapula off and on for years. After that free ART (Active Release Technique) treatment at the NAMI walk gave me some relief I decided to get some more. I went to the physical therapist after work and got some treatment (ouch!). He sent me home with stretches to do every day and a plan to come in twice a week for four weeks. Have I done any of the stretches since? No. I'm a terrible patient, absolutely horrible. I'll try to do them at least one day before I go back next week. Can you cram for these things?

So my training log called for a 88 minute ride. Miguel and I headed out to the route the Marin Triathlon is on. We started out with him in front of me, which I prefer, and somehow we lost each other within 15 minutes! And that's with no turns or anything. I won't tell you the whole strange story but suffice to say we learned a lesson. It's not enough for one of us to carry our cell phone, we BOTH need to carry it. I came upon Miguel about an hour later walking the side of the road calling my name. He thought I might have fallen down the side of the road and was hurt. He was very scared when he got back to the car and I wasn't there. Awwww. Yeah, both cell phones from now on. I did all but 6 miles of the Marin Triathlon course. Here's the out and back ride from Friday.

On Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to make it to the hotel by 8am for the fun ride. It was just a leisurely 11 mile ride over 2 hours, taking in the sights and country roads of Sonoma. I brought my own bike but tried to dress as normal as possible. The leader still kept apologizing to me for the ride being so leisurely. I kept telling him that's exactly what I wanted. The ride was slow, peaceful, and fun.

After the ride I changed and went to the spa area. I lounged and swam and relaxed until Mom arrived. We ordered lunch and ate in our lounge chairs. I had a Spinach Salad. Lest you think I was being "good", it had bacon, croutons, and Blue Cheese on it. But I did have them hold the yolks from the hard boiled eggs. It was yummy. Mom and I hung out at by the pool all day. For dinner we hit up Taqueria La Hacienda around the corner. I had a fish taco and a chicken taco. And tortilla chips. Too many chips. It was all very good.

This morning my training log had a 44 minute run. For some reason I got it in my head that it was a 48 minute run. Anyway, I decided to go the same route we did on the bike ride since it included a real nice path on part of it. I did a 5 minute warm up walk and then started jogging. I was intimidated by the prospect of 48 minutes but still feeling confident after my 40 minute run last week. After just a few minutes I felt pretty confident I'd finish. And I did. I jogged the whole time, 48 minutes. This is a picture of the bike path I jogged on (and rode on the day before). Pretty isn't it?

Me getting up to go run at 7:30 in the morning is like surreal world. My mom couldn't believe it. She had to remind me about the time when I was a teenager and she dumped a bucket of ice water on me to try to get me out of bed to go to school. I got up, flipped the mattress over, and went back to sleep. I have never been a morning person. So 7:30am? To jog? Surreal indeed. After the run Mom and I went to the brunch and I ate a lot! It was so good. I had an eggwhite crab/mushroom/asparagus omelet, bacon, smoked salmon, biscuits and gravy, fruit, etc, etc, etc. I was stuffed. I decided that I was going to try to eat just fruit until dinner.

Another day of lounging by the pool. At about 2pm I showered and made use of the Fitness Center to do my weight training. After that I took a yoga class. I've only ever taken a yoga class one other time. It was cool. Lots of stretching and some muscle use. I shook a lot though. I can see why people get into Yoga, I found myself thinking, "With practice, I could do better at this". After that I took a meditation class. I struggled to keep my mind clear. As in, it was nearly impossible. But the whole experience was very relaxing.

Mom left when I started weight training. So after the classes I headed back to the Taqueria for a repeat meal of 2 tacos. I had only eaten fruit since brunch at 9:30am. Drove home and have been relaxing reading blogs and playing with pictures.

Tomorrow is a 2-a-day with a 29 minute swim in the morning and a 58 minute ride after work. I'm already looking forward to Tuesday off. I've been doing pretty well on tracking until today. Meals like that brunch really throw me off. I get irritated trying to track all those different foods. So, I'm going to wipe out my 24 daily points and the 8 WPA's I had left plus 4 APs I earned. I hope that covers it. If not, oh well. I can only do what I can do, right? Can you tell I'm tired? I'm off to sleep. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend too!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Although stressful when you and Miguel couldn't find each other for that span of time. Glad that worked out.

    I hear ya on the getting up early on the weekend thing. Sometimes I still can't believe that I do it.

    You are doing GREAT. Riding the Marin bike course has to make you feel confident that you can DO IT on race day. Have a great week!

  2. Nice ride!! And I love (hate) ART! My wife and I learned we BOTH need cell phones on rides too....

    Sounds like fun all around!

  3. Always been a morning person so I can relate to your early morning work outs. Keep up the great work! The trails you were on were gorgeous. My biking right now is done in my rec room (basement) on my exercise bike!

  4. very nice job on the bike AND run this weekend! And trying out yoga, and weight, you're an addict. ;-)

    I'm glad you're still enjoying the leisurely paced stuff, too. When the training is tough, it's sometimes hard to remember you're having fun. Doing things for the joy of it brings it all back together again!

    Miguel's a trooper - lesson learned, indeed. But it still sounds like a really great weekend.

  5. See now I don't have to do it. I live/bike vicariously through you ;)

  6. That sounds horrible but I do agree, both of you having cell phones in the future is a good idea. :-)

    The true spa experience is one thing that I do miss about Cali. In NY we don't really have them. HAHA

    You and I are both on 2-a-days and you thought I was crazy when I started doing them.


  7. Weekend sounds like a ton of fun and the photos of your routes are beautiful!

    I was always nervouse about having a cell phone in my fanny pack becasue I thought my sweat would short it out. So far, no short.

    I had a big eating weekend too (after the Tri, I sort of went to town). I'm hoping to just maintain when I weigh in tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the kind words about my cat.

    Talk to you soon.

  8. Yeah, dual cell phones are necessary, not to make random calls, but for things like emergencies and losing your running partner.

    I love the picture of you in the vinyard! That's so cool!

    Spa? Nice!

  9. What kind of person.......
    One that is truly an inspiration to me! Your fitness plan/regime whatever you want to call it is awe inspiring to me! You inspire me to do better!

    And thanks for the story about the cell phones. My husband and I usually just take one cell with us when we go. After you story, you can be assured that we'll both have our cell phones with us!

    And while my heart breaks for the panic that Miguel must have been feeling when he was out looking for you......the story just makes me say, "wow...she nabbed a good one!"

  10. Great job and way to keep the journey moving!

  11. I want to be YOU when I grow up!

  12. You are so inspiring! What kind of bike do you ride? I ride a Fuji Newest.

  13. I got ya beat :) I got up at 6:30 Sunday morning to go running... in a 5k!!! (a real race!!)

    You get to see the most magnificent views while you workout, I'm incredibly jealous.

  14. Complete envy over your weekend (ride, spa, run, Sonoma, etc) except for the getting separated part...yukky.

    Also, given the choice, I'd have opted for the bacon and bleu cheese over the egg yolk too...sounds really yummy.

  15. Girl I LOVE the bike beautiful!! I kow what you mean about not being a morning person I was the same way!!
    It's funny each morning on my way to work I pass the park where I walk at night and I see all the early birds walking and running. I think to myself I wish I didn't have to go to work so early I'd love to right out there with them!! So instead I walk in the evening...least it's not as hot!!
    I wanna second that about you "nabbing a good one" Miguel sounds like a wonderful man. Your a very lucky lady!!! Have a great day off on Tuesday and relax.

  16. after YEARS of it I still cant believe Im up at the crack of dawn to workout and NOT MINDING it either ;)


  17. I love that you have to tone it down so as not to stand out as being TOO athletic and make other people uncomfortable. What a miraculous change! I name-dropped your name all weekend with my friends on Kauai. "Michelle does this, Michelle suggested that, What worked for Michelle, so I..."

  18. Hi Michelle,

    I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! I am so inspired by your WW posts and your exercise posts! I joined WW two months ago and I still haven't gone yet. I have always wanted to be athletic, to run and bike, but my weight has been holding me back for about 10 years now. When I read your blog I feel like I can do it too! Thank you for sharing your story. I live in Northern CA too, maybe we can keep it touch?

  19. Michelle, I am so inspired by your blog and your records of your training and weight loss!

    I am training for my first Triathlon right now, the See Jane Run Tri, at Shadow Cliffs. So far, after 7 weeks of training I haven't lost 1 pound! Neither has anyone that I'm training with. So frustrating.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. I love reading your posts!

  20. awesome photography! Very inspiring!


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