Friday, July 25, 2008

Where In The World...

I feel like I've sort of dropped off the face of the earth. But, nope, still here.

You might be happy to hear I've pulled myself together and completed my workouts so far this week (er, since Wednesday that is). I went on my 17 minute jog yesterday. Actually I jogged in the direction of my gym for 17 minutes and then walked the rest of the way. I did my weight training and then walked the 2.5 miles home. Honestly, I don't know if I'll do that again. By the time I was done with weight training I wasn't thrilled about walking home. Part of it was I was running late, so maybe if I had no time pressures it'd be better. Point is, Yay Me! While I was jogging I passed an elderly woman (which is now defined in my mind as 70 and above) getting her mail, "It's a little warm to be running uphill my dear". I was on a slight incline, what some people call a false flat, and I agreed with her but kept running.

There's a 58 minute bike ride on the training log today but I'm going to do it tomorrow with Miguel. We're going to go in the morning and then spend the rest of the weekend cleaning house. My condo has been sadly neglected of late. I feel so much better when my home is clean and I need that boost these days. Sunday I plan to do the long run for the week, 29 minutes, followed by weight training. Hmmm...will I jog to the gym and walk home? Hmmm...

Anyway, back to Thursday. After my successful workout I went to my WW meeting. For the first time in my 1.5 years of going to WW I decided to take a pass on weighing in. I did a "no weigh", as the receptionist called it. I just wasn't up for it. From there I joined my co-workers for happy hour. I stayed away from alcohol but shared nachos for an appetizer and had a fried seafood bonanza as an entree. The good: I didn't finish the fried fish or french fries or cole slaw. The bad: I ate a whole pint of Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche Light ice cream later that night. Oh, I would rather not be telling you all about that :) But, alas, I can't hide from reality. The whole container was 20 points! I need a restraining order from that stuff. I wiped out my daily points, 4 APs, plus all my WPAs for the week in the first day of the week. ¡QuĂ© Disastre! Well, this program is made for disasters like this. I will carry on. It's not about the falling down, it's about the getting up. I will rise from the ashes. I think I'm feeling literary or lyrical or something today.

So Monday will be the first day of Month 2 of my Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan. For the first time I will have some monthly workout totals to post like other cool people. Sadly, the actual numbers won't be as cool. But...hey, wait, stop that malarky, they will be cool numbers. They are my numbers. Each minute is a minute of my sweat, my heart beating, my body working, my calories burning, and my body getting stronger and leaner. Oh dear. But seriously, I am always harping on people not to compare themselves to others, I need to take heed myself.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! Oh, and please don't tell anyone about the whole pint of ice cream last night. We can keep that just between us, right?


  1. at least it was a pint and not a half gallon!

    you are doing great. no one is perfect. there are always times when we slip into the "ahhhh this food taste amazing" realm. To be living in a world where we are screamed at constantly to make poor choices in regards to foods, bombarded with messages from the time we get up until we go to bed... its only natural we will have a bit of ice cream, or whatever "unfood" is out there.

    no worries... no guilt.. just get up and get going.

    whats cool.. is that i dont know many people that are in training for something.. do you?

    your doing great.
    and dont worry.. i wont tell .. :)

    hope your weekend is fantastic!

  2. First, congrats on getting out of your "slump" second...Your ice cream secret is safe here, I bet it was good. I cannot remember the last time I had "real" ice cream.

    Enjoy your ride today with Miguel and have a fantastic weekend!

    from NY

  3. The way I see pint of ice cream does not even begin to take away from all you've accomplished over the last year and a half! This why I love reading your blog so are so brutally honest about the challenges, and yet you put the little roadblocks behind you and keep going, and focus on the positives. I hope I can be half as successful as you as I begin my journey!

  4. As you said, "It's not about the falling, it's about the getting up"..or something like that. Seems to me that one day of eating too much or skipping a few training sessions doesn't negate all the months of eating well and all the hours of training you HAVE done. Don't make me get my calculator and Excel out!

    Have a great weekend! Where you riding to?

  5. What they said :) It's true, one pint of ice cream in the overall scheme of things is not that bad. As for the numbers, you should be proud of everyone. I never post my numbers because I don't track that way. But you should be very, very proud of yourself. And don't forget, even in your missteps, you are a real inspiration to me.

  6. Aw, you're doing great, Dulce de Leche or no. I think we both know by now that it's the attitude that counts, and you have the right one in spades, that's for sure. A pint of ice cream is definitely not going to make or break you.

    I totally know what you mean about not comparing yourself to others... I have to watch that a lot myself! Like, I think it is good to a certain amount, to use as inspiration or motivation, but beyond that it is just destructive.

    Have a great rest of the weekend, and keep up all that great activity!

  7. In the big picture you ARE rockin' it!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. i love that you are honest about the ice shows that you not only can ROCK the workout but you're still human! thanks for being normal!!

  9. I just found your blog, and I'm amazed at the progress in your photos. I guess I'm going to have to get up out of my recliner and get serious about exercising. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. By the time I read this entry, I an sure your ice cream is NO WHERE to be found on your body! Bike riding that distance helped for sure. You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work.

  11. Like the commercial says...
    "Every diet needs a little wiggle room!"

    You did fine.

  12. I love love love this -

    They are my numbers. Each minute is a minute of my sweat, my heart beating, my body working, my calories burning, and my body getting stronger and leaner.

    That's all that matters!

  13. "I will rise from the ashes." I love that line! This journey seems to have lots of ashes for us to rise from. However, those are our learning experiences!

  14. Well, TECHNICALLY, if you ate the ice cream after your meeting, you could count those 20 pts as part of your Weekly Point Allowance of 35...

    That would mean you have 15 points to fudge around with.

    Mmmmmmm Fudge....

    Seriously, you are doing GREAT.

    WW is the type of plan that we can live with. Every now and then, we are going to have a meal/snack/day/two/ or weekend where we have to just have a higher calorie day.

    Your training is going well too. Good for you.

  15. OK...If you have a pint of ice cream EVERY DAY...that's a problem...once? that's just being human. All I know is that you've lost 75 EFF-ING POUNDS GIRL...

    You rock! Have a great bike ride because you enjoy riding and training and let us know how it goes!

  16. Psst... your secret is safe with me girly!! :) Just don't tell any one I gained 8.4 POUNDS in one week on vacation!! :-O LOL....

    Your doing so great Michelle and you truely do inspire me to stick to plan and keep working on losing.
    Have a wonderful week hun!!

  17. You have such a fantastic attitude and that is why you've been so successful and will continue to be. Keep up the great work. Life is short, and everyone deserves a pint of real good ice cream once in a while.

    Glad to see you jumped back on the horse. You'll have a great week now!

    Good luck!

  18. Keep your head up. We all have "slips" but it is a part of life. The important part is to not beat yourself up over them:)

  19. Keep your head up. We all have "slips" but it is a part of life. The important part is to not beat yourself up over them:)

  20. Hope your weekend was great!

  21. michelle, you have the right attitude. that is why a lot of people fall off the "diet" wagon. they blow it on say a huge breakfast and then they think, well i already blew it today so i will start again tomorrow. and then the talk themselves out of it.

    the trick is every meal is a new beginning. if you splurge at one meal, get right back on track for the next meal. :)

    said the girl who can't seem to keep her hand out of the pop tarts box!

  22. month 2, YAY! I hope you enjoyed the ice cream at least! =)

    I also hope you do lots of getting up this week, so next week's WI won't be very scary for you.

  23. Ice cream is TOTALLY my vice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've added you to my reader and I'll be sure to keep up with your journey :)


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