Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekends Rule!

What a weekend we had. Fortunately activity filled weekends are one thing that hasn't changed lately. In years past the weekend was an excuse to sleep late (and I mean late!), lounge all day and do nothing. Occasionally I'd clean house or go shopping but really I could only handle one activity per weekend. Really, just one. Now weekends are more about how much I can squeeze in!

On Saturday we decided to go for a mountain bike ride before hitting the pool. I remembered an easy nearby ride that had been suggested to us by the bike shop where I purchased my bike. We still hadn't checked it out so I found it in my Mountain Biking Marin book and away we went. The route, Rush Creek, is 4.2 miles in total and winds around marshes and through some shady areas. Here I am about a mile in riding past a beautiful tree.

The weather was perfect as you can see. We got to the turn around point and noticed this sign pointing off to another trail.

Bikes OK is practically an invitation. Plus we were barely warmed up so we decided to check it out. My fitness confidence has increased so much! When I first started mountain biking this spring there is no way I would have jaunted off to mystery trail. I would have been afraid it was going to be too hard (which, at that time, chances were good it would have been!). Anyway, now I just carry on knowing that if it gets that bad I can turn around. But this trail was fine. Little hills here and there and just enough rocks and roots in the path to make navigating it fun. The trail was just beautiful.

We ended up riding a little under 9 miles altogether! I was feeling pretty good because I had planned on this easy little cruise but got in a little workout instead. From there we threw the bikes on the car and headed to the pool. The pool was fun because Miguel was with me. I swam for about 20 minutes and then we sat in the sun relaxing and drying off. We had our camera with us so Miguel snapped a few pictures of me in the pool. I like this one because it makes my arm look muscle-ly and strong.

And this one is just fun!

And finally, and I can't believe I'm posting a picture of me in a bathing suit like this but...

Notice my extremely large arm? It's just huge! I've always had big arms. My arm fat hangs on for dear life. I'd probably have to be underweight before it'd let go. Ah well, with age comes acceptance. And despite their still being disproportionately larger than the rest of me I'm sure they are smaller than they were. Oh, and I know they're disproportionately large because more often than not a top (with non-elastic arm holes) will fit my body but the arm holes will be too small. Does that make sense? Aannyway...

After the pool we dashed home to clean up for the bike race, the Carrera de San Rafael. Some friends were meeting us down there and we planned to have dinner during the kids race. The bike race was fun! I'd never been to anything like that before. They gave us free little cow bells to ring and we cheered and hollered for all the racers. I had fun trying to capture the energy and excitement on my camera.

Men's Elite:

Women's Pro (or Elite?):

Men's Pro:

That's the little cow bell they were giving out. I told Miguel to be sure to hang on to that as he'd need it at my Sprint this weekend! The last race was 90 minutes! When we heard that we were sure we wouldn't stay until the end but we got caught up in the fun of it all and hung in there. Finally, the winners...

So on Sunday I went to One Hawaii. Shockingly it was a hot day (the part of SF that Stern Grove is in is usually foggy and cold) and I roasted in the sun! Unfortunately the Hawaiian food vendors I was hoping for weren't there but our group brought lots of good picnic food and I certainly didn't go hungry. The bands were a lot of fun and I had a good time. Of course I have to post a couple of pictures. First is Kaukahi and second is a Hula Girl.

Pretty, ya?

Well, another action packed weekend comes to a close. I won't tell you about my eating and weight. As you may have noticed I've been sort of mum on those issues of late. Don't worry, I've been weighing myself. I wish I could say my eating has been good but it's been mediocre. Not an all out gorge-fest but not great either. I've got a little intervention planned for myself. More to come on all this.

Are you watching the Olympics? Aren't they fun? FYI - The Women's Triathlon Event is on Sunday evening (the 17th) and the Men's is the following night, the 18th. That should be a lot of fun to watch!


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! can't wait until my hubby can bike trails with me, but first knee replacements are needed. You look great in the pictures! Keep up the good work!

  2. Those pool pics sure look like ones of an athlete to me. The one in the pool is so sleeeek. Your thighs look so athletic in the other one. Nice you're noticing what you're still doing. Thanks for the reminder that when you started biking some trails were hard for you. Gives me hope that one day hiking and biking will be pure joy again.

    The bike race looks like it was fun. Glad Miguel has a noisemaker to attract your attention this weekend. Have a great time in the Tri! Wish I was gonna be there in person, but know that I'll be thinking of you.

  3. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! Your pool pics are fantastic and you are soooo small. We all have those "hadassa" arms as we Jewish people call them, but you must know that there is a TON of muscle there.

    You look so happy and strong. I will be ringing my cow bell here in NY for you this weekend.

    xoxo from NY

  4. that looks like such a fun time! I thikn your arms look great, but I know the feeling. if I could just cut off all the extra skin that hangs around my arm, it would be so tiny, but they look huge. we all have those trouble spots but they really are not as bad as we think they are.

  5. Michelle: That bike trail looks beautiful, and I took notice of the muscle arm before I read your sentence. Definitely looking fit with that stroke!

    I absolutely love watching the Olympics, especially swimming. If I am reading the schedule correctly, Dara Torres will be on Friday night. I can't wait!

  6. WOW!

    Check out that hot girl!
    I can't wait to be able to post photos like this!
    Chillaxing on the weekend. For the record your arms look great.
    Hopefully your head will catch up with the fantastic changes in your body soon.

    You look amazing!

  7. Funny how we see things on ourselves that others don't. I didn't even notice your arms and think they look great in the pic!

    I love that swimming one of you - tres awesome!!

    Sounds like a weekend full of fun - what more can you ask for huh?!

  8. Wow, you do cram so much fun active things into your weekends!

    What energy levels you have now! That is one of the best perks of losing weight and being healthy!!!!

  9. Awesome post all around!

    I've got those big arms about which you speak, as well. It's really annoying! Even when I was thin, I had 'em. I totally sympathize on that front even though, dude! I would KILL to have your arms, ha ha! :)

    You are looking just great, by the way. I know your eating isn't where you want it to be (again, I can totally relate), but you are moving that bod around, and that counts for a lot!

  10. I gotta agree w/you...Weekends Rule! You do look fabulous in all the pix and as for your arms? They look pretty muscular to me. I'd blame the camera angle!

  11. I have an idea about the eating and weighing thing... whenever you get to explaining your "off track" issue... it might match up... we shall see. BTW- you look great. I have the arm issue as well. I wore a semi-sleeveless shirt today-- I won't do that again for a while. I can't seem to get them to lose the extra fat no matter how much I work them.

  12. Girl you are looking so great!! As for your arms, I don't think they look big at all. if it will cheer you up I will send you pics of "BAT WINGS" are GROSS!! LOL. Just kidding I'd never assult a friend like that!

    I can't wait to get to goal and get my "wings" fixed! It's funny what some people don't like about themselves!! One girl at work is getting Lipo on her back!! I was like WTF?? She claims that when she wears a strapless dress she has fat hanging over the top!! Oh did I say she is a size 4?? LOL..
    Oh well as long as she feels better right?

    Personally I think you look great and like the other lady said " I prolly wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't said anything about it either"...
    Have a wonderful weekend Michelle!!

  13. PS: I thought those "pool pics where from the OLYMPICS!!!"

    You rock!!!

  14. Those are outstanding photos featuring some great camera work. I've got the same kind of weekend schedule where success is measured by how much is crossed off the list. Maybe it's a summer thing....

    By the way, you look terrific in that bathing suit.

    and I love that you posted the bathing suit pic---how cute are you!

    hope this weeend is as fun-filled.


  16. You two really know how to make the weekend count!!

    Love your pool photos. :)

  17. Wow! Just found your blog and it is fantastic! As I just recently finished my first tri, I love reading others experiences. I can't wait to read some more! I just wanted to comment on what you said about exercise giving you confidence to try something (the bike ride) that you might not have before. I've found that to be just one of the many great side effects of exercise. Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. I was surprised you commented on your arm in that photo and not your toenails. I mean, they were really distracting to me. I blew the photo up so I could get a good view of all the details, and yep, I'm pretty sure that you have toenail problems on your right pinky toe. Are you checking it out now???? Yeah, don't post photos like that again unless you're sure that every inch has been airbrushed to perfection.


    Okay, so I hope you got my point in the previous paragraph that you're being silly worried about details that we never notice. ANYWAYS, back to the serious part of the post:

    I adore the picture of that tree! GORGEOUS!

    And the swimming pool stroke photo was awesome too. that's YOUR AWESOME STRONG ARM in ACTION!

    Can't wait to hear your game plan for your continued weight management. Have an awesome week, and keep up the great activity level!

  19. New reader here. This post really struck me because I am so tired on the weekends that I rarely find myself doing anything fun. I have lots to lose (160ish) so my weight keeps me down to an extent. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring I find your life. I look forward to getting out and LIVING the way you do.


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