Friday, September 19, 2008

Do You Really Want to Know?

Yes, I think I do. Well, maybe, okay...yes, please tell me. Even though it will hurt, and I might cry.


This past week has been okay on the food/exercise front. I flipped out a couple weeks ago when I shot up to over 170 but I think the swim class and somewhat improved eating kept things from getting out of control. Out of curiosity and concern I wore my heart Polar during swim class on Monday to see how high my heart rate was getting. It stayed mostly in the 140's-150's, which is a comfortable range for me. During the 1.5 hour class I burned 600 calories. That was a particularly tough class, Wednesday seemed easier, though I didn't wear the Polar so I can't be sure.

I went to see Christine today, my pregnancy nutritionist. As you might recall (wait, did I even tell you this before?), between our last appointment one month ago and today's I was supposed to gain no more than 3 pounds. We have a goal of my gaining 20-25 pounds during the pregnancy. Can I do it? Will I do it?

Well, if I'm going to do it I need to buckle down. So, did I gain 3 pounds over these past four weeks? Yes I did...and then some. I gained 5.5 pounds. I'm now 170 pounds. Yikes! Please, I know I'm pregnant and pregnant women gain weight but I must have a moment to freak out. Especially because I need that freak out energy to motivate me for what lies ahead. Are you ready for this? In the next four weeks Christine wants me to more than 1.5 pounds. Can you say Yowza! According to Christine my response to that number did not sound very confident.

I asked her if that number is realistic. Is it really realistic for me to go from 15 weeks to 19 weeks pregnant and only gain 1.5 pounds? She assured me it is. Dammit! She graphed my recent weight gain and if I stay on this course, well, things could get dire. The truth is I don't want to have a ton of weight to lose after I give birth. I don't want to have to deal with that extra stress when my little one and I are hanging out at home getting to know one another (!!). So, this is my goal, right? No one is forcing this on me. That's something that is so easy for me to forget.

I did a little photoshopping to really drive home the point of what I'm trying to avoid. This is what I don't want to look like in 5 months. This is serious. I want to stay healthy, I want to be a healthy, fit mom.
"Women who are very overweight or very underweight at the start of pregnancy are at greater risk of developing complications during pregnancy or at delivery. For the overweight woman, these complications include high blood pressure, toxemia, cesarean birth, kidney ailments, gestational diabetes and a long labor."
A bunch of things need to change in order for me to show up to Christine's office 4 weeks from now weighing no more than 171.5 pounds. First, I need to track. I need to stop talking about tracking and actually track. I'm going to start tomorrow (don't laugh!) and put my food into a GoogleDocs spreadsheet. Feel free to follow along. Second, I need to follow the food plan she gave me we created. Funny thing about the food plan, it doesn't include tacos and milkshakes from Jack in the Box. Or nachos. Third, I need to squeeze in a little more exercise. Right now I'm going to swim class twice a week and doing something recreational on the weekend. Christine recommends adding two 1/2 hour walks per week to get up to 5 days of exercise per week. I know that would do loads for my metabolism.

How's that for some needed changes? Track, follow the meal plan, and exercise. Sound familiar? I know this, I did this for 1.5 years. I can do this.

Other small changes I plan to make include not bringing red-light foods into the house. I know I can't resist eating a whole stack of low-fat graham crackers so why buy a box? Did I get more will power along with pregnancy? No. Another thing is getting more diligent about getting my fruits/veggies in. I struggled with a veggie aversion but that's getting better and I can eat all sorts now so no more excuses. Also plan to prepare more meals at home. There's really no excuse for not making dinner anymore.

Well, there you have it.  Things have to change around here.  I showed Christine my blog because I wanted her to see what I looked like before.  I wanted her to know my fear.  After looking at the pictures she asked me, "Do you really want to know?  If things start to get bad do you really want me to tell you?"  Yes.  Yes!  I know Christine wants for me what I want for myself - a fit and healthy pregnancy.  A healthy weight gain.  A healthy baby.  A happy mommy.  I'm feeling very motivated.  I'm feeling confident.  I believe in my ability.  I know that if I really want this, I can do it.


  1. Good luck with your food and exercise plan! I bet being in shape will help with the labor also. Just think how great it would be to have a short delivery!

  2. LOVE the picture of you...I am so happy you're dedicated to being healthy and fit for my nephew. If you enlist Miguel you'll certainly get out there and walk those two days a week.

    You're gorgeous and you've come so far...Keep it up my friend. I am here to cheer you on YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    from NY

  3. Sounds like a good plan Michelle.

    Hey, I loved your post about the scale. Part of me wants to suggest that you throw it away...but I understand all you've gone through and struggled with... Hang in there with the's a good one.

  4. omg..i am still laughing. Thanks for the stomach exercise. I AM going to be following along on your tracker, because you CAN do this. You've shown us all that for the past 18 months. Now buckle up, buddy, and ride it like you know how.

    Don't make me come over there! Unless we can have some fun of course ; )

  5. It is bloody hard to be pregnant and have "issues" with food. I found I went on an eating rampage - it's like you have an excuse to get fat! You're going to anyway, so what's abit of this or that gonna do? Well, I gained TONNES (did have twins, but still waaay too much). I came within 3kg's of not being able to give birth at my hospital of choice because they wouldn't accept the risk of me being so heavy and giving birth!

    Don't do what I did - pleeeease don't do what I did! I had lost alot of weight before having my babies, and it is soooo much harder to get it off afterwards. Track your food, do the exercise, stay healthy and you will be fine. It sounds like you have good support in your nutritionist. Like others have said, you've already done the hard work, so now keep it up - you CAN do it!

  6. I know you are up for the challenge! It may be hard, but put all your effort into it just like when you were losing weight, and I believe that you will be able to do it.

  7. You go girl!!! What a great plan and we all know that you can do it as we are with you every step of the way!!

  8. You have such a good plan in place and all the tools to follow it - and, have US too! We'll all be cheering you on, you CAN do this -look what you've accomplished so far!

    With my second pregnancy, I was in shape and had the same apprehension about gaining. I joined a local pre-natal exercise group right away. It was the best thing I could have done! It was just two evenings a week and I always felt SO good and refreshed and limber afterwards. Not to mention the comraderie with the other women in various stages of pregnancy. Every week I would go and wonder who would be MIA - having their babies! This was through my local hospital - maybe you can find something in your area? We even did modified ab work depending on which trimester we were in! The end of class was lights turned down, candles lit, meditative music and yoga type stretching - truly the best part of the class!

    Just the fact you are so aware and conscious of your eating and activity is a plus for you! You will do just fine, I'm sure of it!

  9. You can TOTALLY do it! You're on the right track. Just knowing what you have to do is the first step. And when you're doing the exercise and eating the fruits and vegetables just remind yourself "it's for the baby, it's for the baby..." That seems to help :)

  10. I just stumbled across your blog and let me first say you're such inspiration. Just about everything you said I can completely relate to.

    Good luck with your new changes :)

  11. Sounds like your plan is in place - so you are halfway there.

    Hmmm - that pot roast recipe sounds yummy!

  12. The Google docs are not all that far fetched. I know a few fitness folks who do something similar. What ever works, right?

    I gained about 10 pounds right away in my first trimester with my first pregnancy - and the first 5 of that was just about when they said I was pregnant -- my sister in law really let me have it! (She's an RN in OB-GYN, but it blew my mind because she gained a lot more weight than I ever did for all of her pregnancies.) But the thing is I gain weight at TTOTM anyway - at least 5 pounds, and my total weight gain by the end of that pregnancy was about 25 pounds. My sister in law's intimidation had nothing to do with me staying on course. I stayed active and paid attention to how I was eating. I think I've mentioned before, but swimming was the thing that saved me. I think you'll be able to stay on track. :) You CAN do it.

  13. GO YOU!
    you can do this and Im certain because YOU believe in your ability---thats really all it takes.

    Im with all your fancommenters in saying Im cheering you on as well.


  14. Remember that stress is not good for a fetus or mama either. Try to relax and not obsess about eating and you may hit that weight goal much easier.


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