Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Watch 2009

I guess I lied about my next post being a baby announcement. Now that I'm not going in to work every day I have time on my hands and energy to spare. I still feel pretty darned good though, getting around okay and not in the agony I've heard is possible. I'd say I'm in a constant state of mild discomfort with moments of more notable discomfort. The only time I really feel pain is at night when I try to turn over.

This past Monday was my first day of not going into the office. I felt pretty restless by midday so despite the rain decided to take a walk. I did this loop that I'd done a few times pre-pregnancy. It's mostly flat and 3.1 miles. Well, about 2 miles into it I was ready to be home. That last mile was a sloooow walk home but I made it. It's good to know my body still works despite my lack of any regular exercise. I haven't been on a walk since then, unless you count walking around the mall in search of breastfeeding gear.

On 2/21 my friends threw me a fabulous baby shower! It was so fun. They did games, one of which was the mystery diaper game for Miguel. So fun!

He had a fun time sticking his nose in the diapers trying to guess the food smeared inside. The cake was adorable...Isn't it cute?! And it was soooo good. I wish I had a could have a piece now.
Everything, the food, the drinks, the game, the decorations...oh and look at the adorable favors...
Alright...a couple more pics to round out this party!!!
And, of course, opening gifts. We came home and organized and put away all the little man's's so fun!!
It was such a great day!!

Speaking of great my last work meeting last Tuesday my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower! And I was indeed totally surprised. For some reason I was really tired and I was literally fighting off falling asleep. During a break I left to forage for chocolate. I came back in the office and it was decorated with balloons and a beautiful raspberry custard tart! They bought us the cutest baby outfit and a BRU gift card. We played some games and everyone gave me their baby advice/wishes. SO SWEET! I held back tears. I'm feeling very fortunate these days let me tell you.

So I have a 38 week belly picture from last week but I look absolutely awful so I'm not posting my head :) I'm going to take some new pictures tomorrow so I might be able to post something with my head.

There's the belly...I hear there's a baby in there! I had a doctor appointment that same day. What was I thinking wearing jeans to an appointment that involved a scale?! Well, the scale showed 199.7 or so. I don't think my doctor is interested in 199.5 so I rounded down to 199 given the jeans and...well, who rounds up anyway? Especially when that up means the big 2-0-0. You all know I was hoping to avoid hitting that number but, well, what can I do? At least I know once he's born I'll lose enough to go back under 200 :) Gotta look on the bright side of these things.

Oh, another bit of good news, I'm no longer measuring two weeks ahead. I'm now measuring on time. And the little man remains head down. He's already cooperating with his mama! And let's hope he cooperates even further by coming in the next 8 days. Eight days?! Ack! I'm so excited to meet him!! Thank you for all the well wishes and encouragement, it all really helps. Ok, I'm off to gestate some more. Wish me double, even triple, luck!!


  1. Great photos! You look fantastic. Looks like it was a great shower. The stork should be coming anytime now!

  2. Extra quadruple birthing good wishes to you! I know it will go great. So pleased to hear he's cooperating :)

  3. Good luck!!! You look great... very tiny still.

  4. Great pics - You look incredible - congratulations!!

  5. I love that cake, it is so adorable! you look fantastic and in case you dont post before the big day - I hope all goes well and congrats!

  6. Good luck! I'll be thinking about you and anxiously awaiting the news!

  7. Those are fantastic photos. I think you look great! Good luck, the next eight days may seem very slow, but the eight after that will fly by faster than you can imagine. Good luck!

  8. I was wondering how you were doing!

    Wow, you're in the home stretch! It's funny how the docs usually don't take clothing into consideration! You look fantastic, glowing and happy -- and so does Miguel!

    Have a happy labor day!

  9. My friend just had her baby (also a boy, 2 weeks early) and I thought of you! 8 more days - wow!

    Great belly pic! And it looked like the Showers were a blast!

    Good Luck!

  10. You are looking so awesome, Michelle! You and Miguel both actually. Sure wish i could have made it to the shower. And that I could just pop in and see all the cute little baby things and keep you occupied.

    Love you and hope you guys have a wonderful experience welcoming the new little guy into your lives.

  11. Quadruple luck!! How exciting to have your little man arriving very soon. :)
    I'm a friends of Bekkles, I used to have the blog Tri-Hard... wanted to drop in and wish you luck! :)

  12. I love the picture of you and Miguel together. You both look so happy.

  13. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were a mama yet...and then you posted!

    You look incredible. Congrats!

  14. This is SO exciting, Michelle. You look fantastic, and I know you're ready to go. Enjoy these last few days - or hours - while the boy bakes a bit more. Can't wait to see him!

  15. Wishiing you and Miguel lots of luck and HAPPINESS.

    I'm very excited for you both!

  16. HEy Michelle,

    I am sooooo excited for you!
    I hope you're still enjoying gestating! Though I'm sure you've reached the "I want to meet my baby....NOW" stage by now.

    Wishing you triple, quadruple, endless luck that your birth goes beautifully...and then thats the beginning of something even more magical...The life of your son!

    Can't wait to see him!

  17. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I followed your weight loss blog last summer. Congrats on your pregnancy! You look fantastic. I've been on break from Weight Watchers for a while, because I'm actually pregnant too. Hope you're doing well. :)

  18. MIchelle,
    Just checking on you girly!! Hope all is well and your little man is here. Let us know!! Best of luck and can't wait to meet him!!


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