Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let Me Explain...

So I realized yesterday's post was sort of depressing. Kristy was so concerned she called to see what she could do to help. Thank you :) And the comments were so encouraging. Thank you all! But what I failed to say in that post was that the list was meant to motivate me, not meant as a list of how I'm feeling now. Fortunately, I'm not feeling that way now, but I want to avoid feeling all those things. Does that make sense? So thank you for the encouragement and everything, though I'm doing pretty good it's always nice to be reminded.

And why am I doing so good? Well, I've been a busy bee! I already told you I went to the gym on Sunday and Monday. Well, I carried right on and went Tuesday and Wednesday (yesterday) too!

A little gym log action:

15 minutes elliptical, Level 6
15 minutes treadmill @ 3.5mph walking with four 5.0mph minute intervals jogging
300 calories burned!
No weight training. I needed to let my body rest after Monday's training session.

15 minutes elliptical, Level 6
15 minutes treadmill @ 3.5mph walking with four 5.0mph minute jogging intervals
15 minutes on the upright bike, Level 6
450 calories burned!!
Weight Training...

Back & Biceps
Seated Row
Inverted Back Extension
Bicep Curl
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
Lat Pulldown
30 crunches!.

What I discovered about my abs is that it's my lower abs that are weak, my upper abs seem fine. So crunches were fine, I did 30 without too much difficulty. But I could barely lift my legs off the ground when I tried to do bicycle crunches. So those were out. I will take it very slowly, I don't want to create any lasting problems. Oh, and my heartrate monitor said I burned 150 calories while weight training. I wanted to swim a few laps, like 10, and hit the jacuzzi but called home and was told to get home STAT, baby was hungry!

So that was the Back & Biceps routine. The other two routines in the plan are:

Legs & Shoulders:
Upright Rows
Calf Machine
Leg Extension

Chest & Triceps
Pushups (modified)
Tricep Extensions or Kickbacks
Dumbell Flies
Close Grip Chest Press

Seem doable in a half-hour? That's what we're aiming for. I felt pretty darned good after completing the back and biceps routine.

And what about today, you ask? Well, as you may have heard there is a pandemic going on. It's made me a little nervous to drop Marek off in childwatch as there was a sick person there the other day and I just don't want to take unnecessary chances. Plus, I figure my body might need a break from the gym. So I went for a walk! We walked from home to the closest coffee shop and back. Can you say 4.33 miles?! And 715 calories burned! It took me about 45 minutes each way, with a break at the coffee shop for some fuel for both of us (I'm getting pretty good at breastfeeding in public with the hooter hider). That's a picture from our walk. Walking in the stroller is like a sleeping pill to Marek, he conks right out!

It felt so good to be outside. It was perfect outside weather, a slight chill in the air, cloudy, but not cold and not windy. Oh, here's the route in case you are as curious as I am compulsive:

And there was another new family out enjoying the day :)

Finally...a picture from this morning.

Honestly, I didn't know my heart could hold this much love.

Ok, tomorrow is weigh-in Friday. I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility of not losing. A: My eating has been less than stellar and I tracked for less than one day. B: I started a workout routine this week and I'm probably retaining water as a result. C: I started weight training again. Is it possible I gained some muscle already? In any event, three reasons why I might not see a loss, and might even see a gain on the scale tomorrow. I've been very good and resisted the urge to weigh myself so I don't know what to expect. I am reminding myself over and over that I don't have any expectations of myself to lose so any outcome is just fine. But, well, you know how it is.

Well, that's it from me. I can't believe I wrote this all in one sitting!


  1. I didn't think it was depressing, I just *know* that you're going through a lot of changes really fast. It is overwhelming at times, and you do need some time to vent a little.

    You're doing great (nice workouts and walking) and Marek is a little doll!

    What? A pandemic? Noooooooo! J/K... You can't go 10 minutes without hearing about it or seeing a blurb on the net...

    Take care. :)

  2. You are doing so great! It is good to see you back in your exercise mode and including Marek in the process! The walk today was a perfect way to get some fresh air and exercise for both of you! Keep up the good work! Love that you are sharing all the photos.

  3. Lord he is just too cute!

    On the other may see a loss...nursing, walking, working're burnin' lots of calories girl!

  4. Cute photos. Well... except for those geese. Geese scare me! (I guess the babies are kinda cute).

  5. Good Stuff Michelle!

    What is it about those dang lower abs anyway? I absolutely *stink* at any sort of lower ab effort. I'm starting to think there is NO muscle there - it's like trying to reverse elastic, created from carrying babies!

    Marek is such a happy little guy! What a blessing!

  6. fantastic exercise! it sounds so wonderful too, to be out and about in the sun with your baby.

  7. What a cute little fella you have there.

    Nice to see you back in the blogosphere.

  8. michelle, your little monkey is so freakin' cute! i love his little smile. :)

  9. How absolutely wonderful to hear your happiness about exercising, about cruising around outside, and about being a mommy. I am so missing Marek already. I want to be there when he laughs.

  10. I think the walk sounded fantastic!!!! Great job on what you are doing!

  11. That last photo is the cutest ever! What a doll!


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