Saturday, April 18, 2009

Numbers and What Really Matters

When I started Weight Watchers in February 2007 I weighed:

233.8 pounds

When I got pregnant in June 2008 I weighed:

164.4 pounds

In the weeks following conception I lost some weight and one month later, in July 2008, when I stopped Weight Watchers I weighed:

158.8 pounds

At my 40 week pregnancy appointment on May 13, 2009 I weighed:

198 pounds

Weight gained during pregnancy:

35-40 pounds

Five weeks postpartum, April 17, 2009 I went to a WW meeting and weigh:

178.4 pounds

I am 19.6 pounds over my low weight of 158.8 pounds. I am

28.4 pounds from goal.

The Weight Watchers meeting was good. It was nice to be back and reminded of how all this works. I got the new materials, can't say I really understand how Momentum is different from Flex. I guess you track your hunger and focus on choosing more Core type foods, but otherwise I think it's the same. That's good for me because I liked the Flex plan. I get 34 points a day! Wow! It's 24 based on my weight and an extra 10 for breastfeeding.

I tracked, sort of, what I ate yesterday. I'm going to sort-of track again today. I am eating way too much. That became clear pretty quick. I'm just going to observe for a while. I know just observing has an effect and for right now that's enough.

And lest we forget from whence we came...Since starting Weight Watchers I am still down 55.4 pounds! Fifty-five pounds that I do not have to carry around. Good thing, because I'm realizing how little muscle I have right now. If I had another 55 pounds I might not be able to walk :/ When I carry Marek around with me it's not long before my back is hurting. I have to put a little effort into going up the stairs. All in all, I need to get some strength back.

And that brings me to what really matters. Numbers are interesting but they are not why I do this. Periodically I like to remind myself of the real reasons I want to be in shape.

Reasons Why I Want to be in Shape:

* I want to walk up stairs without effort
* I enjoy others who are healthy and happy. Healthy, happy people are outside doing things too. I won't meet them in my living room.
* I want to feel good in my clothes
* I want to feel good in my body
* I want to have fun! It is not fun! to be sitting on my couch, watching TV and feeling bored. It is fun! to be outside, on adventures...adventuring.
* I enjoy riding my bike really, really far
* I like having cool pictures for my blog :)
* I enjoy events - walks, triathlons, etc
* I want to raise my son in an active lifestyle. Health is a gift that never stops giving. (p.s. I have a son!!)
* I want to live to be a ripe old age but still be able to get around on my own two feet.

To that end, I'm waiting for Miguel to get home because we're going to go on a little hike. The weather here is gorgeous! Gotta get outside and enjoy it. I'll close with a picture from the other day. We gave Marek a bath and afterward Miguel snapped this picture. I just love it.


  1. Awww. Love the photo.

    He might be a little young for this now... but down the road, you should get one of those baby-backpacks and take him hiking with you. Talk about building strength!

  2. What a cutie!!!!

    Those number are impressive, but you they don't tell the whole story, there is so much more as you said. I love the list, living is what it really all about isn't it?

  3. I love the list. You're so right, though, it's all about your health!

    Cute picture!

  4. You are sooooo ahead of the curve. I think my youngest son was about 6 when I figured that out that it was about being healthy and ACTIVE and not really about the number on the scale.

    Marek is one cutie-pie...Love the pix.

  5. You are doing great and he is so adorable! Gosh, I sometimes miss having my little one that small, until I realize time again how much sleep I lost in the beginning. ;-)

    You mentioned in your last post about getting back to running and activities. Invest in a good jogging stroller, if you haven't already. It is great and my daughter is 3 and I still put her in it. She likes to sit and ride as I walk/jog/run through the park or down the street.

    When I went jogging the other day at the park, I saw all the moms with their little ones in jogging stollers. It's fun and I'm loving getting out and being active.

  6. He is a cutie!!!

    It's good keeping things in perspective and remember why you're doing this.

  7. Wow, beautiful pic!! You have just listed all the reasons for losing weight as I have for getting out the door most days and doing exercise - it's about life and being able to DO stuff!! I go on the occasional dayhike around here (eg in the Rockies a year ago or even just hiking "the Chief" at Squamish and every time I see one of those men or women with a child carrier on their back out enjoying the trail I think "I want to be just like them!!" You'll be one of those people too :)

  8. I just can't get over how cute he is! I like your list of reasons...that always motivates me more than numbers (those discourage me)! I just wrote one the other day...I send them to myself in an e-mail...maybe I should start blogging. I can't wait to get up there to see you guys!

  9. Michelle,

    Firstly, your boy is SO cute. I am so clucky right now.

    Secondly, I hope that writing that post filled you with pride.

    That is an awesome achievement to have gone through the amazing thing that is incubating another life and be at the other end, balanced, happy and so close to goal.

    I love your attitude!

    On the subject of jogging strollers...a trichick like yourself could really benefit from the Chariot. Its a bike trailer which doubles as a jogging stroller. Lucy LOVES hers!

    I get so excited to read your posts. Your so grounded. I love it! I KNOW you'll get to goal in time. Just keep on keeping on!

  10. Those are all great reasons for losing weight and it looks like you're off to a good, realistic start. Your head's on straight, and for a lot of people that's the hardest step. Good luck with the numbers.

  11. They are all fantastic reasons to lose weight - exactly the same as my list!

  12. I think its great that you are back in the game! and its great that you still have lost so much and dont have to lose too much to be back to where you were at. its definitely very realistic and attainable and I know youll have success again!

  13. Baby Marek is adorable!
    You are doing great with your new addition in your life. Take it one day at a time. Great you are hiking and getting back to some of the exercise habits you have. Keep up the good work!

  14. What a cute little guy! Good post too. I hear you on the stairs comment. Why do my knees creak so much?? :-) Best to you!

  15. Great post! Love the fact that you went back and reminded yourself why you want to lose and maintain your loss!

    Hope you had fun on your hike/walk!!!


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