Monday, April 27, 2009

Time is of the Essence

Before I start can I just say that I'm pretty darned tired? If this post rambles a bit please forgive me. So on Saturday we went out to the Indian Valley area for some recreation. I've been wanting to get my butt on the bike, just to see what it feels like, so Miguel put my mountain bike on the car and off we went. He's been on this trail before but I haven't. He assured me it was easy-peasy and only a little more than a mile long, which was important since it'd been a long while since my legs had done any pedaling. The weather was a little chilly but it was beautiful out.

Miguel had Marek in the Bjorn carrier while I rode the trail round trip a couple times for about a 5 mile ride. It was so SO fun to be riding my bike. I had a big smile on my face the entire time. My legs still know how to pedal, though my butt bones were a bit sore the next day. I'm looking forward to my first time on the road bike. Nothing like the speed of the road.

See that smile?

Isn't it gorgeous?

Miguel and I had a really nice afternoon. And he was right, the trail was easy peasy. Perfect for my first time in the saddle.

On Sunday I hit the gym again. Here's what I did...

Elliptical, level 6, 15 minutes.
Treadmill, mostly walking @3.5mph with two 1-minute jogs @5mph. Whew!
Weight training. I just played around doing a few of the things I used to do.
Swimming: I swam 10 laps. It felt good to be back in the pool.
And finally...Jacuuuuzzzzi !!

I burned about 450 calories plus whatever I burned in the pool. Not bad.

I have now officially engaged in every activity involved in a triathlon. Well, sort of, since I was on the mountain bike not the road bike, but close enough. My mental view of "exercise" has really changed. I believe I've finally shifted it, at least generally, from a dreaded chore to fun. Challenging, sometimes painful, sometimes dreadful too, but generally fun.

I made it to the gym again today (Monday). I had my free initial training session. I had to leave Marek in the childwatch :( It's the first time he's been out of Miguel or my care for any length of time. Anyway, I asked the trainer to help me put together a weight training routine that can be done in a half-hour. I used to think I was sometimes pressed for time when it came to getting my workout in. Ha! I used to have all the time in the world. Now I am pressed for time. Childwatch will only allow a 2 hour stay. When you factor in clothing changes, cardio, weight training, core work, stretching, swimming...2 hours is not a lot of time. And once I go back to work I will be lucky to have even 1 hour at the gym. More on that in a minute.

Before meeting with the trainer I did 30 minutes of cardio, this time with 3 jogging minute episodes. My legs felt heavy and my heart rate soared while jogging but I got through it. For weight training we came up with three routines. I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get the book to share what they are. Next post :) But I think they are doable in a half-hour. The trainer was very encouraging about time limitations. He told me that the modern thinking is that 30 minutes is a great amount of cardio, "just pound it out", followed by weight training. He reminded me that muscle burns more than fat and that if I keep it up I'll burn off the extra fat eventually without hours on the cardio machines. That's what I like to hear. By the time we were done my 2 hours were up so I went to retrieve Marek. They said he was an angel :)

Back to the issue of time. Something occurred to me recently. Once I go back to work time will be gold. I have 6 weeks left of having a lot of time, followed by a few months of having more time. But in less than 5 months I will be back to work full force and have very little time. I have to use the time I have now to build my fitness back up. I remember reading that it takes 1/2 the time and effort to maintain fitness gains as it takes to establish them in the first place. I need to use this time to establish those gains so that once I'm back to work I can be in maintenance mode. I have to take advantage of this time. This realization has stoked the flames of my motivation.

I wish I could say my eating has turned around but it hasn't. I've had some encounters with Costco pizza, cookies, ice cream, Cheetos...the list goes on and on. But I can't fix everything at once so I'm not going to worry about it for right now. Hopefully it won't take another gain to make me ready to make changes in the food area too. I've had some crap around the house that I finished eating today. I've vowed to bring no more crap in the house. Gotta start somewhere.

Can I close with a picture of my little angel?? I got a smile on film :)


  1. Nice to see you back in action! Marek is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Great picture of the baby! It's good that you were happy to get back on your bike, and it's good to see you blogging regularly again.

  3. good gosh its been SO flipping long since I've looked in on any blogs...

    Your a momma!!! I knew you were pregnant but never knew delivery day came... Congrats!!!

  4. Well, now, looks like EVERYBODY'S smiling!!! How cool..but now I have to come right back. I mean like today or tomorrow. I don't want to miss him laughing..or you either.

    So happy to see you back on the bike and hear about you swimming and exercising. btw, your tread work is way better than mine, so I guess you haven't lost that much momentum. Go Michelle!

  5. You can ALWAYS close (or even open) with that beautiful smile!

    Awesome that you're back at it!

  6. The one thing that Marek definitely has from the both of you is that wonderful smile!

    It sounds like you're finding your workout groove again. It takes a little while to get it all back, but just getting back into it is a huge step!

  7. I think you are doing great! and im glad you are making good use of your time before you have less of it. great job!


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