Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm continuing to meet my goal of going to meetings, and throwing in a little more for good measure, but it's a slow road. I went to the gym on Saturday for a leisurely workout. It felt good to get myself moving. I played racquetball too for a few minutes, hilariously, but can see it'd be a good workout if I knew what I was doing. I went back on Sunday and did cardio and weight training (chest and triceps). Then back yesterday, Tuesday, for more cardio and weight training (shoulders and legs). My chest is letting me know it and my legs are hurting today! Ouch. I did squats and lunges, haven't done those for a while. I got fancy with the squats and used this machine by Freemotion. I did 3 sets of 8 reps at 30 pounds and boy was it a challenge in the end there. And lunges (with no weights, my body weight is plenty!) - I was barely able to eek out the last two. Anyway, my legs are sore today. Sitting down and standing up are not fun. Still not sure if I'm going to the gym today. We'll see.

Oh, but I hopped on the scale. Ouch again. Home scale says I'm 183! Up 3 pounds? Damn, I need to do a much better job on my eating. But I'm having milk supply issues so I'm nervous to do much. Though I'm sure cutting out that second helping of ice cream in the evening won't hurt! I'm trying to at least make better choices with my eating. For example when out to lunch the other day I wanted to order the fried zucchini appetizer. I refrained and was plenty satisfied with my cheeseburger and onion rings entree. I'd like to say this type of meal is a once a week thing but it's not really. No mystery where the 183 on the scale came from. I'm not ready to make big changes but I am trying to make tiny ones.

Quick baby update. Marek took a daytime nap in his crib for the first time yesterday morning. Here's a picture of him all swaddled up and snoozing.


  1. Keep going with everything. It takes a few weeks of eating healthier and tracking your food for it to become a habit. You need to give time for your stomach and metabolism to catch up.

    PS I still LOVE that mural above the crib. Adorable! I kinda want one for myself :)

  2. So THAT'S what that machine does! They installed a row of those in our gym last week, but when I go there isn't anyone on them. Good to know!

    It does take some time to get the ball rolling again with the eating. You'll get there again.

    Marek looks so sweet in his bed. :)

  3. You are amazing - finding time to workout and be a new mom. Recording your food (no matter how bad) could be be a start to the task of your food management. After being off my feet for a while, I'm going to start fresh and start tracking. The first week I'm going to watch what I'm eating, but most important - I'm going to track. Week two, I'll look back and see where to make changes and start again.

    Weight Watchers will help, go to your meeting on Friday and make it your 'First Day'.
    We'll help you through!

    Cute baby Marek - he is a little angel - the laughing video was a great pick-me-up, it made me start laughing!

  4. Keep plugging will all fall into place eventually! You are on the right track!!!

  5. You are always positive and that will get you were you want to be. You have accomplished so much and you will continue to do more. Give yourself plenty of time to get there!
    Marek looks adorable! Congrats again!

  6. Just wanted to say hi. Hang in there. I am trying to get back on track too and have a new blog

  7. good going Kapu

    keep it up

    Marerk is adorable

  8. The baby is adorable.

    I, too, hate the scale.

  9. The herb fenugreek will do wonders to boost milk supply - makes you smell like maple syrup though! Good luck.

  10. Yup I did everything with #1 trying to boost milk supply. the mothers milk tea helps as well havinga few things in there that boost milk supply. dark beer suposedly helps too and i was NOT shy about trying that out ;) LOL

    GL and I completely understand. I could have written some of what you did here, except for the exercise part. I cannot find the motivation. :( havnt joined ww yet and am still trying to just work in more veggies/fruits. i'm convinced the baby does not do well with broccoli /cauliflower, my goto veggies, so its getting harder for me. I am stuck at what I was before the baby, which was unfortunately TOO HIGH to begin with. I keep losing/gaining the same few lbs!!! hoping for motivation to come soon. GL to you lady. OMG I have been wanting fried zucchini for a week now! lol. it *is* a veggie, no? ;)


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