Friday, May 15, 2009

Welllll, what can I say?

You don't exercise, you eat way too's no mystery what happens next. I gained .6 pounds this week. Ugh. Obviously I'm not surprised and, truth be told, I'm just thankful it's not more. I'm all ready to start hitting the gym again. I was feeling so good before rash week/s sidelined me. I want that feeling back. We've got doctor appointments this afternoon so I'm plotting an evening trip to the gym. Friday evening gym visits are the best, it's usually pretty empty. Sunday mornings are good too. So are Saturdays. Alright, no excuses.

I don't have to worry too much about my eating. I'm learning more and more that when I exercise the eating part comes easier. It's probably a stress thing. I exercise and the stress gets burned away with the calories. No exercise and the stress gets taken in with the calories in the form of food. It's funny, I don't go around feeling stressed but I'm pretty sure that is what's happening. Either that or I exercise and can't stand ruining my hard work by overeating. Ah, like most things, it's probably a combination of things. All I know is exercise = better eating.

And of course I'm feeling super fat these days. That just adds to the lack of inertia. What a trio, feeling fat, overeating and no exercise. If that's not a recipe for gaining weight I don't know what is. Gotta intervene. Exercise it is!

On the baby front - Marek is doing well. I'm still breastfeeding, something I'm very proud of because it's been a challenge. He's growing and changing so much! The biggest things are smiling and "talking". I took some video. Here we are chatting it up. Enjoy!


  1. It's ok... things will get better.

    I know what you mean about the stress-eating. I've got moving-stress, and I've definitely gained a few pounds. Bleh!

    Good luck! Go work out!

  2. Good plan, Stan. I mean Michelle. Hope the rashes are gone so you can do that. Love the little man talking. Glad he's holding off on the laughing though ; )

  3. OMG....Marek is so adorable! He's probably confused about whether he's supposed to speak Spanish or he's compromising. =) I LOVE his smile! =)

    Ok...back on to the rest of the blog. It's funny how that works...I'm the same way. I eat way better when I'm working out. If I miss a workout...and I'm tempted with...pretty much anything, it's not pretty.

    You sounded happy about getting to the gym a couple weeks ago. I'm sure you'll get back on track once you get back in the gym. Good luck!!! =)

  4. hang in there - you are doing great and dont let this derail you. you barely gained anything and now you know what you can and cant do if you want to lose or maintain. I think you are doing a great job balancing everything so dont let this get you down at all.

  5. How cute is Marek?! Love seeing him get bigger.... Your Trader Joe's pictures a few posts down REALLY made me jealous. (We don't have them in CO!) Anyway, don't stress about the weight. As you find out how to bring your old activities back into your life, it'll disappear before you know it. ;)


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