Saturday, July 4, 2009

Down with Fat Pictures

So I learned once that with behavior change it is more effective to visualize the positive changes you want to make, as opposed to the negative things you fear. This means that instead of looking at fat pictures of myself and telling myself I have to avoid this, I need to envision myself doing those things I enjoy. It's true I feel more motivated by the opportunities being in shape bring rather than fear of being fat.

So if I take a look at my "reasons to be in shape" I should throw out the negative/scary ones and keep the positive ones.

I want to be in shape...

So I'm not stuck, bored, in my house on holidays and weekends.
So I can go on all sorts of adventures, from hiking and biking to spelunking and snorkeling.

So my child doesn't grow up playing video games and watching TV.
So I can create a fun, adventurous childhood for my son.

So I don't have to shop in the fat clothes section of the store.
So I can wear the clothes I want to wear - shorts in the summer, a fitted button down shirt to work, skirts, shorts, whatever.

So I can stop worrying about how I look, what people are going to think of me, etc, etc.
So I can apply my energy toward things I enjoy, like how to organize a 3 day weekend camping trip on short notice.

So I won't cringe when I look at pictures of myself.
So I can look at pictures of myself and see the big smile on my face in addition to all the other things in the picture.

This is really resonating with me for a bunch of reasons. First, who feels good thinking about negative things? Thinking about something that scares me, or makes me feel like crap, brings me down. It does not inspire me. Thinking about feeling good, looking good, having fun - that inspires me.

Also, the mind doesn't always retain the finer points of a thought. If I spend a lot of time looking at fat pictures and telling myself I have to avoid that, my mind just holds on to that image, and doesn't necessarily remember the part about avoiding that. It just further cements the "fat" self image.

An image which is still alive and well in my brain by the way. I see pictures of myself even now and am startled that I do not look bigger. I feel fatter than I am. And feeling fat makes me want to do nothing. What's the difference between feeling fat and being fat? In my brain, not much. If I feel fat, that means the gym will be hard, arduous work. If I feel fat that means I won't feel good in my clothes.

Alright, alright, I'm going on a bit of a tangent here, but my point remains. I need to focus on the positive self I am creating. I need to envision my fit self, my best self. And I need to believe it again, that it is possible. You know, writing this has really helped. I wasn't feeling all that motivated to go to the gym but now I want to get up and change and go. Miguel's out playing soccer so I'm going to get in my gym clothes and wear them until he gets back. The ol' gym clothes trick works for me most of the time.

Regarding this past weekend...

Walking in the 4th of July Parade. Marek is sleeping through the festivities while Liam (Katrina's son) is rocking the red, white and blue!

And below, ladies and gentleman, is what a 45 minute Funnel Cake line looks like. And yes, I did wait in that line.

And here is Miguel and Marek at the fair with a big "live" tree. There was a man in there. I shoulda taken video.

By the way, do you notice anything in that picture above? I didn't until I went to crop it. I think the universe is trying to tell me something...

November 1st? Let's see, that's a little less than 4 months away. This is the same triathlon I relayed while pregnant. How cool would it be to do it myself this time? Well, I have already committed to doing the third Tri-for-Fun on August 15th. Notice how I slipped this little bit of info in? I think I'm in a bit of denial since I haven't actually signed up for it. But I made plans to do it with some friends. That's the same tri I did last year. Twice. The second time I did it with these same friends. What a cool annual tradition for the four of us! Anyway, I'm on for the sprint on 8/15...we'll see about the oly on 11/1.

So, I'll close with a picture of my two favorite guys at the fair.

Marek is asleep, again. In this case it was probably for the best, those loud mooooos might have given him a scare.

Time to wrap this thing up. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Kids will watch TV and play video games anyway, that's why we keep them busy at places like summer camp at the Y, swim lessons and soccer. :)

    I think *someone* is trying to tell you something... Perhaps it's you? I wonder about muscle memory. :) Nothing like prepping for a Tri to get you back in the game!

    As always, the pics are wonderful!

  2. Another great post from you -- and again, I hear just what you are saying....

    Think about the tri... if not the full, than relay it again. I'm sure you'll find the time to train AND be the great mom, wife, friend you are ...

  3. Love this post on positive thinking as well as the photos! :) Though, I can't relate standing in line for 45 minutes for Funnel cakes :)

  4. Two of my favorite guys too. I have to get there soon!

    Yes, yes, and definitely yes on the positive images as opposed to the negative. Tell that subconscious what you want it to believe, I always say. Seriously, I do say that - a lot.

    The fourth looked like some really good family fun and the sprint tri is just what the Concentrate on the Positive doctor ordered. Yee hah!

  5. Yes, you did sneak that little tidbit about the upcoming tri into your post so nonchalantly! Way to go!!

    And you are rockin' the workouts! Great job!

  6. You're doing a race? Awesome! Go sign up and start training! :)

  7. I gained a lot form this post thanks for sharing your thoguhts with us.


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