Friday, July 3, 2009

Up, up and...Away?

Last week, up 2.8 pounds. This week, up 2.8 pounds. I did make it to a meeting though. Let's hope next week some of this weight goes AWAY.... Ugh. So I was expecting a gain but maybe not ready for another nearly 3 pounds. When I first get back to exercising I usually gain in the beginning. I'm going to try to move on from this information so it doesn't mentally drag me down.

So, on to good news. I made it to the gym four times this week, meeting my plan to go four times a week. And the neat thing was that today I didn't have Marek with me so after my cardio and weights I went for a little swim (20 laps in a 25 meter pool) and then I hit the jacuzzi for a bit. It was nice. So that's Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri to the gym.

Tomorrow I'm walking in the little 4th of July parade with the mother's club so I'll be moving around a bit too. And then we're going to the county fair in the afternoon. Oooh, I just tried funnel cakes last July 4th for the first time, they are sooo good. Don't know if I'll be able to resist having one. Flashback photo:

Last 4th of July in Ventura, the same weekend we learned I was pregnant!

Speaking of eating is just alright. It could be worse but it could also be a lot better. I'm not tracking at all. Occasionally I try to make better choices but mostly I'm just trying to make small changes for now. That means a good size serving of veggies with dinner and avoiding fast food, donuts, candy, and all the other crap I eat when I'm off the wagon.

On another good note, the gym is less painful. Things that are getting easier include modified pushups, ab work, dumbell fly...jogging is still kicking my a$$ though.

I'll close with a couple happy pictures of my little guy.

Sitting in his Bumbo, having a blast!

And in his Exersaucer dutifully smiling for Mama.

Let me throw on a few goals for this week:

1. Gym four times.
2. Go to a meeting.
3. Uh, 2's enough for now :)

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your son is so cute and happy - great pics!! If it's any consolation I've found that it takes my body a good 3-4 weeks to start understanding exercise is my new habit...then slowly weight starts to come off...if only we could be like guys, weight just drops off them!! Congrats on your gym expeditions this week - keep up the great work!!

  2. He just has the most infectious grin! You can't help but smile when looking at his pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Just keep plugging away...that's all we can do....

  3. I sort of go through the same thing when I change workouts or get restarted. I always gain a few before losing. At least you know how it goes and aren't freaking out over it, and that's important.

    For such a little guy, it looks like Marek has a big personality!

    Have a good Holiday!

  4. I am always interested in how you are doing, but those pics of the little guy are irresistable!! He is so cute and HAPPY! You two are doing an excellent job as parents judging by his happy smiles!

  5. way to go! Keep up the progress! your doing it! wooowhooo!

    :) awesome post!
    such a beautiful boy you have! :)

  6. I had a delicious funnel cake today at the Taste of Chicago that had ice cream on it. It was so good. dont think I will be facing the scale any time soon...

    Enjoy yourself and happy 4th!

  7. I have been wanting to comment on your blog for so long but didn't know how you'd react to a stranger commenting on your blogs. I just want to tell you that you're truly an inspiration and I love reading about your life. You're so honest and real and you always share the good, bad and ugly. I stumbled upon your blog even before you had your baby and it's been wonderful to watch the entire process unroll. Just wanted to say thanks for posting and please, keep on doing so. I wish you nothing but the best as you go through your different adventures. I truly feel that you will reach your goal since you refuse to give up no matter how difficult it gets! :)


  8. Marek is so happy! I can't wait to finally meet him!

    Good job on making it to the gym so many times! When I go, I want to go more...when I don't go for awhile I don't want to all...ever. It's so strange how our minds operate. Hopefully you'll crave more and more gym time!

    Yay for trying funnel cake last year! =) I had some last weekend...with the strawberry topping on the side and split 3 and 1/2 ways. I don't think it was too bad. Sorry, I meant to say DON'T DO IT! =)

    I made my first crock pot recipe a week or so ago. "Slow-Cookin' Pulled Chicken" from the HungryGirl site. It turned out really well and it's super easy. Here's the link:


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