Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?

Rather, is there anybody in here? Yes, I'm still here. My weight loss journey has taken a hiatus due to family building. For a while I was worried I'd never get back to it but now I have this deep confidence that I will. It mostly comes from an inability to veg out 24/7 like I used to not only be able to do, but at which I really excelled. Not anymore, I like to be active. Right now it's just a little bit but I know it will be more in due time.

Anyway, life is moving along. After a lifetime of believing I wanted only one child, Marek has inspired us to have another. We are expecting a little girl in early September. Too bad I didn't lose the baby weight before I got pregnant again but it's water under the bridge now. I'm just trying not to gain another 40 pounds with this pregnancy.

To that end I try to get a good walk in at least a couple times a week, if not more, and something active on the weekend. And though this blog is obviously taking some sort of babymoon I'm not going to pull it down, I know people still happen upon it now and again and hopefully get some inspiration.

Thank you to any who's kept me in their thoughts, to those that ask me for an update every now and again, those are always nice reminders that I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere :) I'll close with a couple recent pics.

Marek's one year picture. He turned 1 on March 14th. Wasn't that fast?

Marek taking a break with dad.

I took a turn pulling on some flat ground :)


  1. Oh I'm so glad to see you have stopped by again - I've been wondering how things were going for you - CONGRATULATIONS on your second pregnancy, I'm so pleased for you and your family! here's wishing you all the best in health, life and pregnancy over the next few months!

  2. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since you had your son! It is so nice to see you post again and with such exciting news! That first baby just sucks you in. I had my first two boys 1 1/2 years apart, so I understand how incredibly busy you are going to be!

    You have inspired me to get moving this year and make some goals. I have signed up and paid for my first 5K in many, many years in June and My first Tri-sprint on September 11th. I cannot tell you how much you have continued to affect my life. thanks!

    Again, I am so excited to hear about the new baby, Congratulations! So great to hear from you!!!

  3. Wow! Has it really been a year? Hard to believe.

    Congrats on being preggers again.

    Every time I'm in NoCal, I think about you and how I might just run into you'll happen.

  4. YAY!
    Now I can say with 13 days experience...being a mum of 2 is awesome! Just when you thought your life was super saturated with love another unimaginable helping comes into your family!

    I look forward to hearing updates about your family building and then the eventual journey back to more finish lines. I am looking forward to my first "ralk" on Mothers day, and then triathlon season starting down here next October. And you Miss Michelle are one of the amazing people from far far away who managed to get me into this fabulous fitness building I am glad the blog lives on!

    I wish you happy healthy incubating and aren't 1 year olds just wonderful!

  5. I was SO thrilled to see you post. Had been checking off and on for quite awhile. Congrats on your news! I am so thrilled for you. Keep up the good work with your eating and activity! Missed ya!

  6. yay for more munchkins! I'm glad life is going so well for you :)

  7. I still check here every once in a while, but Facebook is great for quick news.

    Again, congratulations on your expanding family!

    I hope, hope, hope you have a mild summer, weather-wise. I had both of my kids in the fall, and had to endure toasty/sweaty summers. :) I had a lot of pool time.

    I hope you keep us posted on the progress of baby 2.0. ;)

  8. Yay!!!! Congrats on your little girl that will be with you before you can even blink an eye!!!!

  9. Congrats on the girl! Marek is soooo cute!

  10. glad u are doing well and congrats on the new one!

  11. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Marek is getting so big, i can't believe he is already 1!

  12. So good to read your post, Michelle!

    CONGRATS on baby number two and YES that year went fast!

  13. So happy to see you here again, and congratulations on the happy news!

  14. So happy to see you here again, and congratulations on the happy news!

  15. Congratulations on the new pregnancy and family expansion! I'm sure you'll have even less time to blog but, on a good note, you'll also have less time to focus on bad foods - though Diet Coke kept me going in those early months with two babies.

    Glad you're keeping the site up, for those occasions when the spirit moves you. Good luck!!!

    (And I didn't realize I was signed into my work blog account when I initially sent this!)

  16. so very happppy to see your post here!! :) I have missed you and know its so difficult to find your way in areas of "fitness" when we have little ones :) Congratulations on your new little blessing! I am soo happy for you! Your baby boy looks so big! time flies doesnt it? Enjoy every minute of it because life goes so fast and before you know it your oldest will be 13 and you will be wondering where life went :) ...
    (you look great on that bike!!! woowhoo!!! for raising a little one to know nothing but living an active lifestyle! What a great gift to give your children!)

  17. I just checked this blog after 4 months of maternity leave and was so glad to see your update. What an adjustment that news must have been! But Marek is so happy and beautiful--you had to have a second!
    Congratulations, and please keep posting! You are a great writer and I've found inspiration through this site even during your lows and plateaus. Best of luck.

  18. Congrats! We are expecting our first, a girl and day now!!!

  19. Congrats!! I was excited to see you popped by, and even more excited to read your news. You guys must be overjoyed! You will be a very busy mamma, but please please don't forget to take care of your self!! So important exp. with the little ones around. Hope to hear more from you.

  20. I found your blog from the "sprint just heard about sprint tris yesterday and was thrilled to find that they are run locally! I'm currently at roughly your beginning weight (but am probably 10 years older than you ;) but I now have a sprint tri as a long term goal :) As I find time, I'll be reading through your past blog entries - thank you for leaving your blog up :)

    Congratulations on your growing family!! :)

  21. Congratulations on your wonderful family and on your weight loss and fitness journey.

    I too am on that journey and understand how lonely it can feel.

    I hope you have a healthy and fit pregnancy. You can do it.

  22. Hello - just thought I'd stop by and see how you're going. Hopefully you're having a healthy pregnancy and planning to see your daughter in the next few weeks?? Here's to life, health, happiness and families, may you enjoy the journey!


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