Friday, June 24, 2011

New Shoes and a Happy Family

It's strange that I got all emotional last night about gym-time away from the kids because earlier yesterday I was thinking about how much happier our family is when dad and I are exercising. The difference in the energy is noticeable - I'm happier, more energetic and enthusiastic, even more patient, when I'm getting regular exercise. And I think Miguel is too - either that or I'm projecting it onto him because of my own rosier outlook. Either way it's better all around, despite my occasional pangs of, I should be with the kids every spare moment of my life pangs of guilt. Thank you for the supportive comments yesterday. You are all right and most of the time I agree with you. Sometimes I just feel like I'm already missing so much because of work and, well, as I said, I feel guilty. Ok, moving on!

I got a new pair of shoes yesterday! My current adidas were purchased in early 2008 and have been so fabulous to me but were seeing their wear. I looked up the old store I purchased them at and they'd moved across the street and changed names. Now they are Marin Running Company. Thankfully the store was empty when I arrived and I got fabulous attention from the owner, Charles Yoakum. He let me ramble on and on about my past fitness gains, my current goals and the miracle of good running shoes. I wish for every beginner, or re-beginner, to be treated like a real athlete in super-cool fitness type stores like this. Ok, without further new shoes!

Aren't they just beautiful? I would never pick out shoes based on looks, I'm too serious of an athlete for that (wink), but just so happens these are much cuter than my old shoes (sorry adidas!) so I was doubly happy. I got to spend a good amount of time looking at them in spin class. They are officially called Nike Air Pegasus+ 28 Breathe Women's Running Shoe and boy are they fancy. I will skip the flying horse joke. They are light and airy with what so far feels like the perfect amount of cushion. Charles nagged me about my old thick Thorlo walking socks so I also bought a fancy new pair of socks.

I'll have to take a picture of the whole thing in action soon. Well, that's it for me today. I'm feeling stressed and would like to get to the gym but I don't think it's going to happen. I think an after-work walk with the kids is the most I can hope for, but it's better than nothing. Next time I post I hope it will be to tell you about our fun ride with the kids on Saturday.


  1. Wow! The socks and shoes match!

    Love the new shoes.

  2. Love the shoes! And the one pound loss. Way to go this week!


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