Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Quick Things

1. In my post last night I forgot to mention that weigh-in Friday is nearly upon me! I have resisted the scale all week, despite it beckoning to me. It's been calling out to me, "Come, weigh yourself, get some validation, or motivation, or whatever I can give you, come on, you know you want to, weigh yourself, see the numbers!!". But nope, I have resisted. I think once a week is a good healthy amount and, for me, keeps things from getting too neurotic. I know there are a lot of daily weighers out there and I've heard about why it works for them, which made sense, just isn't the case for me right now. But who knows, maybe someday it will, I'm open.

2. My vgf (very good friend) Stacy told me my face is looking thinner. Of course I replied with a hearty, "Really!?" and a big smile on my face. I don't care if it's true or not - not that Stacy would lie about that sort of thing because she absolutely would not, do NOT ask Stacy if those pants make your butt look big unless you really want to know - I took the compliment happily. I guess I just made a very strong case for it being true so maybe it is!

3. I went to the gym at lunch today!! First time and I whipped myself around that gym so fast it was sort of crazy. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. c25k says to take a break between days so I didn't want to "run" again. I was feeling very good and worked my butt off doing intervals and listening to some great tunes. I'm rediscovering my workout playlist, it's darned good if I don't say so myself. Then I did about 18 minutes of weight training, today was back and biceps. Two minutes of stretching, hit the locker room, wiped my face and armpits (tmi?), threw on some fresh deodorant, fresh undies (way TMI?!) and back to work. The whole thing took about 45 minutes so I even had a few minutes to eat some food really quick. I am new to this whole lunch gym workout, anyone have any insider tips??

So, that's it, I made it to the gym three times this week! I know I'll get another bit of exercise in, even if it's just an evening walk after the kids go to bed, but I'm feeling no pressure to get to the gym. It's funny I described it that way because for the time being I think the feeling I have is not like pressure, I think it's what they call motivation. I'm motivated folks!

4. Wait, I only had three things to share...ok, wish me luck for my weigh-in tomorrow. This time I think I will be down in the face if I don't lose something but I need to let that go now. I'm feeling good, my body seems to be responding well, I'm making this work despite having two kids, a full time job and friends and a husband that have some expectation of seeing me now and again :)

Update: Gained .5 pounds this week. I was bummed but it passed quickly. After all, I lost three pounds last week, I don't want to get greedy ;)


  1. Good luck with your weigh in...

    I am impressed with your weekly weigh in plan. That's really healthy. I'm a daily weigher (not a word, is it?) and yes, I obsess about it.

  2. I found you again! I remember how motivating your story was when you lost last time - you encouraged me to join WW. It looks like you have had a lot on your plate, now that it has settled down (as much as a growing family can) you are finding time to take care of yourself - KUDOS to you!!!
    I went to my WW weigh-in tonight and after falling off the wagon and not going for a full month I was acutally down 2 pounds.

    So, I'm starting from scratch - a little like you are - let's do this girlfriend!
    PS I'm going to re-start my blog as a fresh start also, so stay tuned!
    PS Good Luck on your weigh-in, the NSV is the skinny face =)

  3. Weigh-in shmay-in:) no matter what the numbers say you are MAKING PROGRESS!! As well as really healthy, loving choices for you and for your family. So don't let any number take that away!

    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it. Proud of you girl!


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