Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adding Injury to Insult

What? I haven't blogged since Monday? Well, it has been a crazy busy week I suppose. A quick run-down:
  • Tuesday: Gym - c25k Week 3/Day 2, chest and triceps, abs/core
  • Wednesday: Gym - Recumbent bike 25 min, legs and shoulders, abs/core
    I was away at a conference and had to use the hotel fitness room to work out. The recumbent bike was old and HARD! I was on Level 1 and thought I wouldn't make it. I was pleased that I got to exercise though since we all went out to dinner. I tried to make half-decent food choices but also had a vodka tonic and a glass of wine. No desert, not for lack of trying, we couldn't find an open ice cream shop. Thursday morning breakfast was at the hotel and I made ok choices at that.
  • Thursday: Gym - c25k Week 3/Day 3, back and biceps, abs/core work, plus I added 25 minutes on the bike.
    So at the gym on Thursday I noticed my body was feeling a bit worn out. I looked back at my journal and realized that I had exercised for 8 days straight. No wonder. I decided that I would definitely take the next day, Friday, off from the gym. It's a good thing I did, which I'll tell you more about in a bit. Thursday evening was a dinner out with the mother's club. My choices were less than stellar (read: bread/butter, crab cakes, french fries, etc, etc, etc) and I had champagne and wine.
This brings us to Friday morning. Weigh-in. Despite all of the dining out (and alcohol) I really thought the scale would go well. It didn't. I don't know, maybe I'm in denial. I am telling myself it's not a big deal, that the point isn't to lose weight. I'm telling myself that this is a lifestyle, something I will do forever so momentary setbacks are both expected and surmountable. But no matter what I tell myself it's still hard to swallow. I am up 2.5 pounds this week to 196.5 pounds. Ouch. Two point five pounds. Honestly, seeing that number on the scale was a bit of a shock. Here are some of my thoughts...

Reasons I thought I would lose:
- I have exercised every day. Burned 2500+ calories at the gym.
- I tried to balance dinners out with a very light lunch that day.
- My period was nearly gone.
- I also added extra cardio twice in an effort to balance all the food.

Fine, I didn't lose. But did I have to gain half the weight I'd lost so far? So I had to face that and, of course, try and figure out what happened.

Reasons I had a gain:
- Two big dinners out, including alcohol
- My period was ending but still possibly a factor
- I didn't take off my undies or take my scrunchie out of my hair for my weigh-in. Maybe they are heavier than I think?
- The scale hates me.
- Life is not fair.

Admittedly, I got a little weird in my thinking and explaining. But what a slap in the face from that scale! I have half a mind to throw the damn thing in the garbage! There was some definite backlash in response. I moped around all day with this, "Screw it" attitude. I had to eat lunch at a restaurant on Friday (work related) and almost ordered fish and chips as a result of my bad attitude. I reigned it in somewhat and order a BLAT (BLT with avocado). Instead of the fries it comes with I had onion rings. Better than fish and chips? Hard to say. And I've been in a bit of an eating free-for-all since then. Friday night (last night) I went to a party and ate whatever and had plenty of desert. Today, Saturday, we went to an amusement park and I ate a bunch of chips. Ugh. Self destructive revenge is so irrational!

I forgot to add that my body is not doing so well. I was feeling achy on Friday but today, Saturday, I woke up with my back actually hurting! I had to take ibuprofen to get through the day and then this evening it started hurting again. What's the deal with that? I hope it stops hurting soon. Needless to say I skipped the gym again today. I feel like this is just adding insult to injury - or I suppose it's the other way around, injury to insult.

So here I am, Saturday evening, and I'm calling a truce. I will get back to eating better starting tomorrow and I will go to the gym if my back is better. This has been a rough week. I'm used to having Wednesday off so working 5 days, missing my day home with my kids, staying at a hotel, working my butt off at the gym, nights out (which were fun but still tiring) - whew! The good news is I am taking Monday off. I have an action packed day planned...kidding! I plan to catch up on some things around the house and generally take it easy.

As far as my weight goes I am reminded of two things. Weight Watchers is there if/when I need it. Two steps forward and one step back will still get you there eventually.


  1. I totally agree that it was the scrunch and underwear that tipped the scale :). OMG! that was funny


  2. Not that you don't already know all of this...but remember, it's not about weight loss per say, but losing the fat, turning it into muscle, and overall, being healthy. so you made some "bad" choices in eating this's ok. don't be hard on yourself. the next day is a new day. I'd love it if you could get off of the scale and measure your progress through how much more you can lift (weight & frequency), how much longer you can run/spin/elliptical /etc, how your clothes are fitting, etc....=)

    love yas- ivy

  3. Hmm, I am a huge fan of avoiding the scales - because I associate guilt with them - even when it may not be justified. For instance after many years I now know that I gain weight in certain seasons - only a few lbs - and those gains normally coincide with me doing more gym/weights/squats during that period (ie muscle). Then, when Summer hits and I am in the gym far less and outdoors more, I lose those few lbs. You may find the same. Also, and I know this is a tough one, when I eat out I don't indulge as much; sure I'll have a glass of wine with dinner, but I still select my dinner carefully and try to think of what will taste good - but be good for my body too. And a lot of that has to do with knowing how much guilt I give myself for over-indulging...if you are prone to feeling bad after a night of indulgence, let it go. But think about how you could best avoid that guilt next time you go out...? Oh, and like Pittles says too - try and keep off the scale more, perhaps set a fitness goal instead? Another triathlon?; focus on how you are feeling healthier and feed positive thoughts to your image in the mirror...chin up!! It's only been a few weeks.


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