Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ahhh, The Weekend

It's Sunday night. Bummer. But it's been a decent weekend. I went to the gym on Saturday morning. I did the bike and then chest and triceps. Gosh, I can't even remember if the bike was hard or easy. My mind these days, it's why I need to blog daily if I want to keep up with myself. Anyway, I left the gym and immediately picked up the kids to hit the park for playgroup. It was so fun! I played soccer with Marek and some other kids for quite a while and I had plenty of energy. This is exactly why I want to be in shape. I had to run after the ball a few times and I had no problems. The main thing was my attitude, in years (and maybe even some not so distant months) past I would have begrudgingly played soccer out of some motherly duty but this was pure fun! And with having a couple kids in my late, late 30's I better stay in shape if I want to keep up with them for the long haul.

After the park I had a lunch date with my mother's club and ate way too much, a Caesar salad with a sausage and mushroom individual pizza. I did order water to drink! But the major calorie spendage was at dinner. Miguel and I had a date night (Thanks Erica!) out to dinner and a movie. Dinner included two glasses of wine, a shared tempura fried calamari, shared cup of clam chowder, bread and butter, shared 32oz! rib eye steak (we couldn't even finish it) and my own baked potato with butter, sour cream and bacon (which I did finish). For desert (oh yes, we had desert!) we ordered crème brûlée. Bam! Somehow it sounds a lot worse now that I'm writing it down. Anyway, it was really all very good and I'd probably do it again so no regrets there.

Unfortunately I can't say the same thing about the movie. Harry Potter. I tried very hard to talk Miguel into seeing Tabloid but he wouldn't go for it. Let's just say he owes me big time, those Harry Potter movies bore the heck out of me! I feel like once I saw the first, what, 15?, I've seen them all. Ugh, I'm so glad that's over. I tried to sleep during the movie but it was too darned loud. It got out at 12:15am and I was exhausted!

Today, Sunday, we had a long morning at home. I did my best to eat sparingly in an attempt to balance last nights bacchanalia of eating. I finally got to the gym in the late afternoon and I was very ready to exercise. Turns out I was legitimately PMSing on Friday and today I was sensitive and easily irritated all morning so I really needed to burn some calories. I hit the gym and did c25k Week 3/Day 1. The two 3-minute runs were a challenge but I probably could have run a bit further if I had to. Coupled with the two 90-second runs the whole thing felt very manageable. I think I'm going to like this Week 3 interval routine. After that I had legs and shoulders. I found out I wasn't stretching far enough in my lunges so I stretched more and that made them a bit better, but not good enough to do more than 1 set. Squats, calf raises, and I finally flipped the Bosu over for my shoulder work and stood on it with the ball side down! Balancing while lifting weights is fun, adds another element to the whole thing.

But the kick ass part was, after all that, I got on the bike and did Level 2 for thirty minutes! It was a middle of the road difficulty ("random" really is random) so I pushed myself. Normally I strive to keep my rpm's above 90 but today on some of the easier intervals I kept it above 100. I finished up totally soaked in sweat and feeling beat but quite pleased with myself. All in all I burned 700 calories in an hour and 15 minutes. I know that will help balance out the baked potato at least :) Oh and my attitude was a heck of a lot better than when I walked in.

News flash: Exercise helps turn around bad attitudes.

Well, I'm off to bed. I wanted to post some pictures comparing my current self to my 233.8 pound self but I'm too tired. Maybe next time. Night all!!


  1. LOL at the Harry Potter comment... I have LOVED going to the movies and thought I might get all emotional at the end, but I think it has more to do with my kids than anything else...I started reading the books to them when they were little ones, so IT (the movie) is sorta the end of one of their childhood eras to me. I always wondered, though, how the movies played for those who weren't really into the books. I imagined they would be just really long and boring...

    I completely agree with you about how working out can improve your mood. Endorphins...who knew?


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