Friday, July 15, 2011

The First Five Pounds...

are gone! I weighed in today at 194 pounds even. That's five pounds down. That was my weight the first, and last, time I got on the scale this morning. I won't tell you about all the times in between when it was threatening me with 194.5 pounds. I would not accept that neurotic scale messing with my head. It's what I deserve for getting back on the second time. In the end, 194 popped back up again so I'm going with it. I needed a boost. So I've been back to the gym for almost 5 weeks. This "fresh start" started a week or so before that so I've lost roughly a pound a week, give or take (and I'll take, thank you very much). I think I averaged about a pound a week when I was on WW so I'm happy with that. If this keeps up, in a year I'd be down 52 pounds - that would be faaaaabulous!

So I made it to the gym today, always a nice way to finish up the work week. It was a c25k day, Week 2/Day 6, which means I'm done with Week 2. I felt pretty good today. MTv's True Life I am a Suger Baby was on the TV in front of my treadmill, which might have helped. I am a sucker for bad television. Anyway, should I look ahead at what Week 3 has in store? Ah heck, why not?
Five minute warmup walk followed by two cycles of...
jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes.
Eek! I'm jumping from 90 seconds jogging to 3 minutes. This should be interesting. Overall I think I can do it. It might not be pretty but this isn't a beauty contest.

Ok, back to today's workout. After c25k I did back and biceps and all went pretty well. I was nagged by a bit of shoulder pain but otherwise things were good. On my way out I talked to Ken Ian, the trainer, about setting up another session to tweak my workout. The possibility that the plank could be contributing to my shoulder pain came up. He's going to show me some new core/ab exercises so I'm thinking I'll incorporate those and only do the plank on alternating days instead of almost every day like I am now. My back and arms have gotten so much stronger though, I can tell when I pick up my (32 pound) son that it's not as much of a strain, which is nice. So I'm seeing Ian week after next for a strength training tune up. I'm looking forward to getting some new, fun, exercises.

I see from the comments to my last post that lunges have no love lost here. They are a pain. I asked Ian to show me some alternatives that work the glutes until I lose some weight and get stronger when (hopefully) the lunges will be easier. I'm still a believer but for now I want to enjoy my workout and I was not enjoying those lunges much at all.

Changing the subject - I think I need to do 2 things to take things up a notch. Eat better and get more sleep. I am blogging about getting more sleep at 11:25pm when I should be sleeping. Something wrong there. So, without further ado - goodnight. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm off to watch the rest of True Life, I'm a Sugar Baby. After all, it is Friday night - gotta live it up!


  1. Yay you! Whatever you're doing, it's working..the scale is going down (despite having more muscle weight), you feel stronger, and you're, if not loving it every day, at least enthusiastic about going to the gym. Lucky you having something other than sports on the TV at the gym. Keep it up, friend.
    PS Today I read an old blog post of yours about crunches. I'd say skip the planks if it's hurting your shoulders, cause picking up and carrying the little darlings is probably enough already on them, and maybe go back to crunches and bicycles and leg lifts and all those fun things xo

  2. Woohoo- great work Michelle!! I also love that along with the scale, you have goals in your exercise routine so you can observe your fitness improvement. One thing I've read recently is how sleep plays a huge part in cortisol production and insulin sensitivity through the day (eg a poor night's sleep can often lead to sweet cravings) to sleep!! :) :) Keep up the great work and let the fitness progress do the talking.

  3. Congrats on the scale moving down and keeping to your habits! Keep up the great work!


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