Sunday, July 31, 2011

On The Upswing!

My back is still touchy but my attitude is solid! I am feeling confident that I will continue toward my goal of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Weigh-in Friday went well. On my old scale I was 194. But I'm switching over to the Tanita scale that includes body fat and on that one I was 194.2 with 42% body fat. So I went with that and am feeling good about a loss. I am feeling good about all of it.

A quick exercise update:

Thursday: Gym - 25 minutes Level 3 upright bike, chest and triceps, core
Friday: Gym - c25k Week 3/Day 6, legs and shoulders, core, 5 minutes on stair climber
Saturday: Gym - 25 minutes Level 3 upright bike, back and biceps, core, 5 minutes stair climber

Ooh-rah! The other day I had a quick chat with the trainer about my back and he said to cut out the back extensions and continue to hold off on the plank until my back stops hurting altogether. It's hard for me to do "some of" my workout, that old black and white thinking, but I don't want to turn a temporary situation into a chronic one so I'm trying to be smart about this.

As far as c25k goes, I'm not convinced I'm ready for Week 4. The 3 minute runs are still quite a challenge for me, not sure I'm ready for 5 minute runs. I'm going to give Week 4 a try and if it's too much I'll repeat Week 3. I don't mind repeating it as many times as I need to in order to make progress.

As far as events go, I skipped the SF Marathon 5k because of my back. I am now eying two sprint tris:

Tri, Girl, Tri at Lake Berryessa, October 1, 2011

Things I like: Girls! October = lower likelihood of rain

Things I don't like: Hills! Lake Berryessa can be hot. October = less time to train.

The Marin Triathlon at China Camp, November 5, 2011

Things I like: Super local so the family might be able to come see me finish. I can do practice runs. Family might be able to come see me finish. One month later = more time to train.

Things I don't like: November might mean rain. Swim is in the bay = wet suit (ugh, a new thing to rent/buy and learn how to use).

I'm super excited that the Marin Triathlon added a sprint. This is the same event I relayed when preggo with Marek (except that was the Olympic distance). We'll see how I feel in a month or so and re-assess.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Marek is getting to the age where he actually wants to look at the animals. We got there early enough that the animals were still out and about. He got to see a lot of animals, it was fun. The Oakland Zoo is sort of hilly, felt like I got a bit of a workout just walking around. I'll post a few pics, even some of me with the kids! (despite the cringe when I see how big I am)


  1. You are a smart woman. Excellent idea on the "if you can't do week 4, do another week 3" til you feel stronger rather than get discouraged, awesome! Those tri races look great, sure rain sucks - but at least you won't get too hot!! Have a great week.

  2. Keep it up! I love reading your blog and seeing how you handle the challenges that pop up. Very inspirational. Seriously. Keep it up!

    As for which tri, I'd recommend whichever one is going to stress you out the least. Are there places nearby that you can rent a wetsuit from for the day? A lot of tri stores offer rentals. Good luck! :-)


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