Thursday, July 14, 2011


I got to they gym this past Tuesday and all of a sudden it was *really* difficult. I rode the bike for 25 minutes and, as usual, it was a challenge. But I was feeling ok and started into my strength training routine. Chest and triceps were due up, along with core work. For some reason everything seemed more challenging than usual. I suppose it could be related to not having worked out since Friday morning (3 days off, could that be?) but that seemed like a stretch. Some of the discomfort, shall we call it, was of the sharp pain variety and just didn't seem normal. Anyway, I only did 2 sets of everything and made a plan to get a massage.

On Wednesday Miguel had a half-day off and he agreed to hold down the fort while I got some mommy-care. I had a gift card for a massage (given to me when I was pregnant with Marek) and putting it to use was long overdue. Boy did I need it this week!! My body just felt sore and tired. The neat thing was the massage was at The Sanctuary Spa at Bay Club Marin.

You get the idea...basically your fancy, schmancy gym (that I would probably want to join if I didn't have kids). I arrived early enough for my massage that I was able to hop on the treadmill and do c25k Week 2 Day 5. I was running out of time though and in the last interval I only took a one-minute walk before running again instead of two minutes. And guess what? I felt great. I didn't have time to strength train, which was probably good given how my body was feeling. I went down for my massage and it was GREAT! She really did my body some good. I wish I could do that every week, or just even every month. Heck, I'd settle for 6 times a year! Anyway, after the massage I sipped lemon water and read magazines in peace and quiet for a 1/2 hour. Then I used the ladies lounge - hit the sauna, then the steam room and finally a long hot shower. Ahhhhhh. I left feeling soooo good and didn't want that feeling to end.

I had a $50 visa card to use up so I went to the Lucy store in the same shopping center and found some workout pants and a couple headbands on sale. Total: $49.65 - perfect! I have previously resisted the $$ headbands in favor of my cheap-o target ones but these were on sale and so cool. They even have a little gripper (rubber) band inside to keep them from slipping. I got one in blue and one in pink. Yay!

I don't look quite as "happy" as this woman does (what's she taking because I want some!) when I wear mine but I feel that way inside :) The pants were basic workout pants in a color I don't have (navy blue).

Size was extra large but I was just glad to find something I liked that fit my butt and my budget. This time the model and I do look an awful lot alike. Those could be my calves. Not! At least not right now ;) I found a workout shirt on clearance at REI and finally headed home.

I walked in the door in a happy mood to a happy family. Marek was in a particularly good mood. Miguel was a dream, not only was I gone for 1/2 the day but I had book club that night. What a guy!

Today is Thursday and I hit the gym happily hoping that my massage and general taking it easy yesterday would make everything right in the world. I did a 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill. I was feeling a little tired of the bike (and I had legs and shoulders for strength training) so I chose to do the elliptical. My legs started to complain early on but I stuck out 15 minutes. Then I did my last 10 minutes on the bike and started strength training. Squats went well and then lunges. Argh - f'ing lunges are going to be the death of me. After ONE set I said, "forget it!, this is not supposed to be torture" and didn't do another set. Next time I meet with the trainer I might ask for an alternative until I'm carrying less weight. My new theory is that lunges are so hard because it's as if I'm doing them with two 20 pound weights in my hands. The good news is hardly any sharp pains today, though my left foot has been sore. Crap, I just want to exercise!

As far as food - it's been strictly ok. I'm eating too much crap and today even feeling more hungry and munchie - I wonder if I'm PMSing? Well, all I can do is hang in there, right? I can't complain about this week, I've accomplished a lot and even got in some much needed self care. No, I won't complain, it's been a good week - no matter what that damn scale says tomorrow morning.


  1. I strongly dislike lunges. I much prefer squats and deadlifts. Tell trainer to ditch the lunges and up the weight on the squats instead. (Either that or he should do the lunges right along with you and share the enjoyment.) Hope the foot feels better soon.

  2. Hmm, yep, i dislike lunges too; I'll walk up stairs all day...but lunges...too much stress on the joints...the spa experience sounds lovely!!

  3. Yeppers, I'm a member of the Ihatelunges club too. When I'm hiking up hills I always tell myself how much more I like that move when it gets me somewhere ; ) Your treat yourself day sure sounded wonderful! And it didn't even cost anything! Gotta see that gripper headband. And yeah, that Miguel guy who's always at your house sure is a keeper. But then again, so are you. Happy days!


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