Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rest, It Does a Body Good.

I made it to the gym yesterday. I could tell I had gotten some rest, in general my body felt ready and able to tackle my workout. My back felt pretty good too, I only noticed a couple very slight twinges of pain during the entire workout. I did c25k Week 3/Day 4 and it was a challenge but not painful. Afterward I did chest and triceps. Instead of doing the chest press and dumbbell flys on the ball like I usually do I did them lying on a bench. Hopefully that helped my back. I definitely noticed some soreness in my arms from the swim, which was a good thing. I like that workout sore feeling. I skipped the plank to spare my back the workout and did some other ab work. I was reading about the benefits of stair climbing the other day so I threw in 5 minutes of the stairclimber before a nice bit of stretching. I left the gym feeling positive.

My back felt pretty good the rest of the day but I woke up this morning with it feeling tight and hurting a bit again. I don't know if I should exercise today or not?? I know inactivity is not good for back problems so I probably should do something, just maybe not my full routine. I hate that. I struggle with an all-or-nothing brain. We'll see, I'm waiting to see how my back feels as the day goes on and will decide. Swimming would probably be good, just not sure how I'd get to the pool with my crazy schedule.

So I finally found my Tanita body fat scale. I weighed and analyzed myself yesterday afternoon. According to that scale I am 195 pounds and 42.5% body fat. I am very near what I was on 12/27/07 when I also weighed 195 and was 41.5% body fat. Anyway, a few notes on my current stats:

Weight: 195
% body fat: 42.5
Pounds of body fat: 83
Lean body mass: 112

If I can maintain 112 pounds of lean body mass while I lose 45 pounds of body fat I'd be in darn good shape! I would weigh 150 pounds with 25% body fat. Nice. Too bad it's not as easy to lose body fat as it is to gain it. I'm going to have a lot of fun on the journey to losing this weight, I just know it.


  1. Great attitude in that last line, love it. I like the Tanita scales idea, just try and make sure you weigh under the same conditions each time in terms of time and day and hydration levels. Totally with you on that rest day; I used to go 2-3 weeks before one, the last 2 years I try to have one a week - and it definitely seems good for my body, gives it "repair" time... :)

  2. Glad you're mixing it up, seeing what affects your body in different ways. Can you plan another swim this week sometime? Hope the back situation resolves itself sooner rather than later


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