Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dodging a Volcano

Summary: I dodged a volcano, did c25k Week 4 and legs/shoulders at the gym, swam for 30 minutes.


I arrived at work yesterday morning (Monday) but I was dragging for sure. I just didn't feel good and after a few hours I threw in the towel. I went home and after a couple hours more I started feeling better. I left to run errands and soon I realized it was past lunchtime and I was hungry. I was close to a taco bell where I could get a couple chicken soft tacos. I remembered I wanted to try their new "Volcano" menu. I ordered a volcano burrito and my taco. While waiting for my food I looked up the nutritional information on the burrito. HOLY VOLCANO!! The burrito was 780 calories and had 41 grams of fat! My RDA for fat is 55-60 grams so that alone would have about wiped it out.

I made a quick decision. I got the burrito because I wanted to try it. I ate my taco and then I tried the burrito. I took two bites and I wrapped the rest. Later, at home, I got it out and do you know where it went? Here's a hint:

Good thing my disposal is not on a diet. I was feeling very happy with my repair work after a bad decision. I'm glad I thought to look it up and I'm glad it snapped me into some clear thinking. If I would have eaten that burrito something tells me I would have felt like food waste myself. By the way, I liked the burrito ok, next time if I want something from that menu I'll go with the volcano taco - it's 230 calories with 16 grams of fat - practically a "diet" item compared to that burrito! Just looked up the nachos - that would have been the worst choice, 980 calories with 60 grams of fat. Dear me, that should be illegal - or at the very least come with a special warning label. Ha! That would be funny if very fatty items came with a warning label ala cigarettes. WARNING! This item is known to contribute to obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, etc with a picture of a tubby midsection.

Anyway, on to the rest of my day because it gets better. Since I was feeling better I wanted to get some exercise before it was time to pick up the kidlings. Finally, my chance to get to the pool. But first I went to the gym and did c25k, Week 4/Day 4. This may have been my hardest day yet. I noticed some other women doing fast walks and wondered if that's what I should be doing instead of trying to run. Nah, I want to run. And I need to if I'm going to do a tri this year. Anyway, I really had to focus on that last 5 minute run but I got through it.

After the treadmill I was looking forward to my first day with my new legs strength training routine. I did the reverse squats first. The # of reps goes up with each set, 8/10/12, which is sort of mean. The cool thing is the empty bar alone weighs 40 pounds so I really feel like I'm kicking butt. I did the leg extensions next. They go up in reps/down in weight with each set. First set 10 reps/30 pounds, then 12/25, and finally 15/20 with an 8 second hold at the end of the last rep. Whew! My quads burned. I did shoulder work and then got on the butt blaster. I did the first two sets, 10 reps, then 15 and seriously doubted I would be able to do the final set of 20 reps (all at 15 pounds - one leg at a time). Yes, no surprise here, I did it. But there was a woman waiting for the machine and I think the peer pressure gave me the extra push or I might have given up early. I did some core work throughout and wrapped up with 5 minutes on the stair climber. Stretching felt soooo good after that.

After the gym I headed to the pool. I only had an hour so I got in the water right away. I wore my heart rate monitor because I was curious about my heart rate while swimming and calories burned. At first my heart rate stayed low, in the 120's, but as I got warmed up and was able to swim a little faster it got up into the 140's. After 30 minutes I'd burned 245 calories. I love swimming, it's so relaxing. I picked up the kids feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day. I wish I'd gone to bed a bit earlier last night, I got about 7 hours of sleep but 8-9 would have been better.


  1. Awesome workout! Great to see the progress on the c25k - did you end up repeating week 3 in the end? Close call on the volcano - even though ignorance is bliss, conscious eating is waaay better for the body - good for you on resisting (but still taste testing :) )!!

  2. Awesome workout! Great to see the progress on the c25k - did you end up repeating week 3 in the end? Close call on the volcano - even though ignorance is bliss, conscious eating is waaay better for the body - good for you on resisting (but still taste testing :) )!!

  3. I am seriously impressed on your ability to go from one workout venue to another..not to mention the ability to flush 80% of a volcano down the disposal. Not sure I could do either. Way to blaze the trail. What's in those volcanos anyways?

  4. Impressed BY, not on. I knew something was wrong, just wasn't sure what

  5. I'm with Kristy...it is near impossible for me to throw away food. It's like I was raised during the Great Depression or something (I was NOT!)

    BTW...I am becoming a HUGE fan of Starbucks Bistro meals. Very yummy...and for "fast food," meaning that I can pick it up fast, most are pretty healthy. Have you tried them yet?


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