Saturday, August 27, 2011

Even When I'm Bad, I'm Good

I got on the scale Friday morning not sure what to expect. I'd had the camping where I knew I'd eaten a lot of snacks, including more chocolate dipped biscotti than I will disclose. Then there was the weak evening where I ate a packaged El Torrito chicken caesar salad (with out of control salad dressing) AND a piece of tres leches cake. A large piece. But I also knew my workouts were consistent so I had no sense of whether I'd be up, down or sideways. I was down! .4 pounds down, and happy with it. I am now 13 pounds from my intermediate goal of weighing what I did after Marek was born, 178.4 pounds. I'm moving in the right direction.

And my clothes are getting a little loose. I checked out Ann Taylor Loft the other day in case they had something decent on clearance. I don't want to spend a bunch on clothes that will hopefully also be loose soon. I found a pair of pants for $4.98 but they were a size 12. I'm wearing a size 14 now. I decided to try them on and, while they were a tiny bit snug, they are totally wearable! The sizes at the loft are a bit generous I think but I'll take it. I bought some 14 capri pants at macy's the other day and feel better with them un-bottoned so there you go, sizes are weird.

So I went to for a link to the site and I noticed the main page picture included women that actually look normal. I love it! Most of the time you see something more like this. Those ladies don't appear overweight but they don't look like size 0 mannequins either. My "like" for this store just went up a notch. Now if only they'd carry more pants in "big" sizes (i.e. 14, 12) in the petite section I'd be happier!

Oh, I should mention the gym since this isn't a blog about the portrayal of women in advertising (though I'd LOVE to follow a blog about that - don't get me started). I decided to go on Friday, which was good. I did the bike for 25 minutes on Level 5. I looked back in my gym journal and noticed I started a few months ago on level 1, shot up to level 2 pretty quickly and have steadily moved up since then. Back when I started level 4 was unthinkable, but I've already surpassed that. There's some tangible progress.

After the bike I did chest, triceps and core work. Afterward I did the stairs but instead of doing my normal 5 minutes I did 10 minutes to sort of make up for what I missed on Thursday (when I didn't have enough time). The 5 extra minutes were a challenge but not too bad. I won't be doing 10 minutes from now on though, I don't have the time and I don't enjoy those stairs that much. I stretched and man, I am still pretty tight on the inside of my upper thigh. I don't know what that's about but I'll keep doing the happy baby pose, despite feeling a bit funny when I do, and hope it gets better with time.

Today, Saturday, was a day off. And it's a good thing I didn't plan to exercise today because I didn't have time. We drove 2 hours to a baby shower of some good friends and then 2 hours home. It was a good day catching up with friends and there were a lot of kids there so our little ones had fun too.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I'm ready for it! I'm doing week 5 for the second time and feeling good about that too. Week 6 is the last week with walk breaks so I'm in no big hurry. Oh, I ordered some vitamin B complex yesterday and I think I'll take some iron before I go to bed. I'm not feeling tired like I was but I can use all the help I can get!

I hope this blog finds you in the midst of a fun, active weekend!!


  1. I just wish stores would carry clothes in petite that don't look like something my grandma would wear!

  2. Ann Taylor has really cute shoes, too. ;) My sister introduced me to Ann Taylor when I went to Chicago a few years ago, but I need to find an outlet. I also like seeing models in every size and not just the size 0.

  3. Love that your dedication is paying off. Fun when the clothes get too big. Good luck on week 5 part deux. You already know you can do it

  4. annnd day TWO of the new week.
    Im totally stealing yer mojo.

    is that ok? :)

  5. Those size 12s will be fitting like a glove...and then too loose before you know it! :)

    I saw this and thought you might be interested - if not for trying it out, just for hearing about it :)


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