Friday, August 12, 2011

Fuel for the Fire

The short of it:

I have been tired during my workouts. And another loss!

The long of it:

My last couple of gyms visits have seemed particularly hard. In thinking about it I realized my midday meal was sort of on the skimpy side each time. Monday I had a chicken soft taco and two bites of a burrito. Wednesday was the worse, I had a few small slices of cheese and a couple handfuls of dried banana chips. And on Thursday I had a salad with some grilled seafood on top (probably about 3 ounces worth). Oh, and chocolate (which didn't help with the workout energy for some reason, despite having almonds too). I feel like a complete dork saying, "I don't think I'm eating enough" because, well, my general problem is I eat too much. But my appetite has been on the low side lately, at least during the day, and I've been really busy so food just doesn't get in like it used to.

The timing on my c25k research was good because I ran across my old post on AccelGels. I still have some from then, do you think they are too old? Anyway, I think I'm going to consume one of these 15 minutes before my next workout and see if that helps. That will have to wait for Saturday though because I'm taking today off.

I've sort of settled into this idea of working out 5 days a week. I don't know, either my mojo is settling down to a somewhat normal range or I'm just getting tired but 5 days a week sounds like enough. Plus some sort of weekend thing usually. Speaking of that Marek didn't want to go in the house yesterday when we got home so we took a walk around the block. He chased me for a time and I chased him for a while and I was SO SO SO happy to be able to "run" after him and vice versa. Moving with my kids is the best reward, makes me all sappy just thinking about it.

So...all my hard work was reflected on the scale this week. I lost 1.2 pounds!!! I was happy to be in the 193 range and now I'm already in the 192 range. This is a pound by pound victory these days. And I selected my next goal. I want to get to the weight I was after Marek was born, 178.4 pounds. That's 14.2 pounds to lose. I will be thrilled when I am sort of back to where I started after he arrived.

I was looking at the effort I made at that point to get back in shape. Here's my log from that timeframe:

4/17/09 - 178.4
4/24/09 - 179.8
5/1/09 - 179.8
5/8/09 - 178.8
5/15/09 - 179.4
5/22/09 - 181.4 - 40% body fat
5/29/09 - 181.6
6/26/09 - 184.4
7/3/09 - 187.2
7/10/09 - 184.8
7/17/09 - 185
7/24/09 - 186

I was moving in the wrong direction! I wasn't ready though. At least that's what I believe looking back on it. Marek was born in March and I was trying to get back to it in April? That was obviously too soon, at least for me. I mean he wasn't even sleeping through the night - what was I thinking? It was roughly three months before I threw in the towel altogether. By the time I got pregnant with Myra I was back up to 199. Anyway, things are so different now. I feel ready, I feel motivated, I feel good.

We've got an action packed weekend ahead, a welcoming event for my mother's club on Saturday, then the gym, maybe stop by a housewarming, then out to a friend's house in The City (SF) for dinner. Sunday is a baby shower in the morning, then the gym, then...who knows?? Hopefully an afternoon hike or bike ride or some kind of fun with the kiddos. Bring it on!!

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  1. Food is good stuff! :)

    Congrats on your loss!

    Hindsight is definitely almost always 20/20 :)


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